Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review: Lucky Ball by Lisa N Paul

It's all in the luck of the ball...

Quirky yet adorable, Wren Jamison couldn't make a good decision if her life depended on it. When poor choices forced Wren to question her judgment, fate—in the shape of a small black ball—stepped in and took over. That orb became her lifeline. Now, years later, every move she makes revolves around her Fortune Ball. Every. Single. Decision.

Kissing Logan Enders isn't a strange twist of fate—the ball tells her to do it. And she does. After all, the ball is never wrong. The sexy song-writing musician needs Wren to put her trust in him—not in the small screen of a children's game. But just like any modern woman, Wren might prefer the dependability of the toy over the uncertainty of a man. So who will win?

All signs point to...

3.5 Stars!

Review by Jen Hagen 

I remember as a young girl having the magic eight ball and asking it questions  I thought were quite legitimate at the time in my life.  When the answer window showed a response in my favor I was giddy!  These scenarios were certainly going to come true because the eight ball told me.  I could practice writing Mrs. and doodling hearts and flowers all over my notebook because this was not a joke.  The eight ball would never lie to me, would it!?!?

Wren is stuck in her adolescent behavior by continuing to rely upon the eight ball for answers.  She is a crotch inspector for the local underwear manufacturing plant because the ball told her to stay at this job instead of following her passion of becoming a teacher.   Wren is completely dependent on the eight ball’s answer to dictate her life.

“No re-shakes.  The ball doesn’t lie.  He’s led me on the right path for a long time, and while I don’t always understand it or even like it,I follow him because he makes better choices than I do.”

For the life of me, I could not grasp the naivety of Wren’s thinking!!  Seriously girl…you need help.  She has a best friend that has been by her side the entire time (in fact, she was the one responsible for gifting Wren the eight ball) and is way more patient with Wren’s lack of decision making than I could ever be. 

Logan is a talented singer/songwriter that has chosen to remain behind the scenes of a famous band.  He is a humble man, nearing 30 years of age, and has set his aspirations high working with children.   I liked Logan.  He seemed to have his life put together, whereas Wren was a hot mess.  It takes her longer to choose a coffee than it does to do a load of laundry!  These two are the unlikely of candidates to end up together, but somehow they do and they make it work.  That is, until enough is enough…put the ball away and make your own decisions!

“For once in your life, look to me for your answer and not that godd*amn dollar store piece of plastic.”

Preach it Logan!  Will Wren be able to put away the ball and look at what has been staring at her the entire time while she’s been looking for a triangle-shaped answer in the window?  Love.  That’s what’s she needs to see and let it be her answer.

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