Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Review: To See You by Rachel Blaufeld

A new emotional standalone from Rachel Blaufeld. 

No cliffhanger, only hard-earned unexpected love. 
And angst.

What is it about this guy?
On paper, he’s one hundred percent wrong for me. His e-mails are equal parts annoying and funny.
Okay, more funny than annoying. More like refreshing. Different. Exciting.
But as I stand next to him now, he’s giving me head-to-toe tingles, and I find myself dwelling on his e-mails.

Meet smart, sexy career girl and New York snob, Charli Richards. She has everything except happiness until the day she meets Layton Griffin. It’s a random encounter on an airplane; it couldn’t mean anything, right?

Layton isn’t even remotely close to who Charli sees herself hooking up with . . . ever. Her mom and best friend agree he’s not for her, but he makes her feel something exciting, awakens her world.

But then Layton changes, going to great lengths for Charli to see him for who he really is.
Will those changes bring them closer together, or will she never be able to see him in the same way again?

4 Stars!

Review by Jen Hagen 

We can all feel Charli’s pain.  She is travelling first class on a flight and imagine her horror when her seat companion is so large that he spills over into her seat.  Charli is a fitness editor for an online news magazine, and her appearance makes her seem out of reach to Layton – the guy sitting next to her, but yet Layton’s bubbly personality draws Charli out of her reclusive shell into conversation.  Charli finds herself drawn into Layton’s voice and words, avoiding using her computer as a distraction during the flight.  They both converse easily back and forth, and Layton goes so far as to reach out to her once they go their separate ways.  

Charli is very indecisive when it comes to Layton.  I would even go so far as to say that Charli is indecisive in all areas of her life.  I get the impression she does things that make other people happy.  Her mother is constantly on her case about dating the “right” guy.  Charli would rather be a writer, but never seems to get the support she needs to hear from her mother, so continues on in her job just to please her mom.  She seems to like Layton’s email and text banter, but when they come face to face, she always bails on him.  For being a 28-year-old, Charli is very immature when it comes to handling conflict.

None of my attraction to him made sense.  It was all a jumbled mess in my brain.  

She throws all the wrongs signals out to Layton and really can be a bitch to him.  Poor Layton doesn’t know what to do, so he does the only thing that can clear his mind – he walks his dog.  All that exercise turns Layton into a toned man.  Charli is taken back by the new Layton.  Can she convince him that she was wrong and she wants to take a chance with him?  Or does that make it sound like she only wants to give him the chance now that he has changed his looks?

I showed up expecting witty Layton, the guy who liked to make me laugh.  Instead, I found hot and sexy Layton, who still made me laugh.  Of course, he’d been handsome before; I could see beauty beneath the girth.  But this?  This was unexected.

I am always a fan of the underdog.  Poor Layton – he was treated poorly by Charli’s rude behaviors, but yet he never gave up.  I was cheering him on every time he made a move.  He’s a good, funny guy.  This was a quick, light-hearted read; however, I did find it to drag slightly towards the end but the author must have known she need to pull the reader back in because suddenly there’s a little bit of drama.  It wasn’t too much to wreck the witty storyline, but was just enough to set the pace for the ending.

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