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Release Tour: Olivia's Ride by CA Harms

Title: Olivia's Ride
Series: Sawyer Brothers #4
Author: C.A. Harms
Genre: Western Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 5, 2016
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Keeton Pearce hadn’t lived a life full of supportive, loving family…

In fact, it was just the opposite.

He had been on his own for so long he had no idea what it felt like to belong. He didn’t want to rehash the life he left behind, or even think about it. But the hate from his father followed him, slowly eating away at the life he had begun to build for himself.

Olivia Sawyer had been prepped on how to deal with the advances of those college men she would encounter…

After all, she had been surrounded by three alpha men who made sure she knew just how to handle herself. But when she met Keeton Pearce, all those words of warning flew right out the window.

For the first time she had nothing to say. She was caught up in those eyes and that dimple.

The Sawyer attitude no longer gave her the ability to be immune.

Neither of them counted on meeting each other. It was by chance, and no one expected that one moment would change their lives forever.

For the first time in his life, Keeton had hope.

He felt like he had found where he belonged.

But would he survive the interrogation of an overprotective father and the watchful eyes of Jackson and Noah?

Or would Keeton run for the hills, fearful of…

the Sawyer Brothers?

4 Stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Little Olivia Sawyer is all grown up and at college. Her dad Ryan and her two uncles Jackson and Noah have bent her ear with advice about college boys and all their evil intentions. Her dad loves her to pieces, but he can be a little too protective. Olivia doesn't really need advice; she has a good head on her shoulders and is wise to the hormonally charged guys around her. In fact, when she's in the middle of turning down one of her school's biggest players that she catches the eye of Keeton Pearce. He can't but help to be captivated by this sassy, gorgeous vixen. 

My choice in colleges had a lot to do with the distance it put between me and my father. I loved the man truly but I wanted some freedom from his hovering. 

Keeton has had a rough life. His dad is a violent alcoholic, and his brother is following along in his daddy's footsteps. His mom took off years ago when she'd had enough. It's a shame she didn't think what torture the son she left behind would suffer. Keeton is smart, he's mechanically inclined but is also a tech geek. He busted his butt to get a full scholarship to college and he works two jobs to pay for his apartment. The more distance between him and his family the better. Although his father still comes around to harass him and demand money. Keeton is a loner, he just concentrates on getting good grades and leaving the trailer park he grew up in way behind his rear view mirror. But he is about to leave his loner days behind for Olivia Sawyer. 

I had a feeling Olivia was about to take me for one hell of a ride. And nothing about that terrified me; I couldn't wait to get started. 

Olivia's Ride is a sweet, slightly angsty romance. Breaking down the walls that protect Keeton's heart is a mission that Olivia is more than happy to undertake. Now getting her family to stop putting Keeton through hoops for their approval won't be easy, but earning their respect will be worth it. Is Keeton up for that challenge? Will he ever be able to put his father and brother in his past and move on? Will they let him go? Besides his family drama, Keeton has a fiery neighbor, Lacy who would just love to get her hooks into him. She's quite the pot stirrer and will try to give Olivia a run for her money. Will Olivia cut and run or lay claim to her man? 

Just like the previous books in the Sawyer Brothers series, all of the characters from those stories are in this one. Being as this is book 4, they are old familiar friends whose own lives are now full of love and family. Trinity's story is next and sounds like it's going to be delish! 

"You are so deep in my soul that I sometimes feel you are a part of me, like I can't breathe without you near. And I love that feeling." 

“Absolutely Stunning! C.A. Harms went above and beyond when it came to Olivia's story.” Morning Books and Coffee
“CA Harms has produced yet another 5+stars read!” - Reader Review

C.A. Harms is like any other addicted reader. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. She hasn't always been a lover of Romance and had once been addicted to a good Mystery. Just recently she has taken on a new liking and now is a full blown Romance novel addict.

She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. You will always find her with her kindle or paperback in hand as it is her favorite pass time.


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