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Blog Tour: Finding Our Forever by Andee Michelle

Title: Finding Our Forever
Series: A Defining Moments Novel 
Author: Andee Michelle
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 9, 2016


While watching his parents’ marriage go up in smoke, Eli Harper’s revolving door of one-night stands was the cure for his pain, and the antidote to keep him from giving away his heart. Too young to settle down and a bright future to look forward to, Eli enjoys every second of being a single guy. Until Sara. 


Sara Calhoun had the childhood dreams were made of. Devoted parents with a forever kind of love, taught her that true love does exist. Sara’s passion for her career leaves her little time to focus on anything else, and definitely not a relationship. Until Eli. 

What starts as casual quickly turns into something neither of them is prepared for. Instant chemistry. Insane attraction. Will they run from it, or will they let love define their forever?

3.5 Stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Eli Harper and his brothers are just about out of their minds with worry. Their mother was just hit by a car and they aren’t sure of her condition. Ellie Harper, their mom, was the main character in Defining Moments. She had just found out some devastating news about her ex-husband, lost her concentration and ended up under a car. Watching his parents’ marriage implode right before his eyes skewed Eli’s views of a forever love. He’s only 20 and settling down is the furthest thing from his mind, but he can’t help but wonder if people are destined to fall out of love with their partners. The people they are when they get together are rarely the same people ten, twenty years later. 

In the midst of all the worry and confusion, there is an unexpected calming force. Eli has his father freaking out about his mom (he’s not her husband anymore, move on loser!) he has the guy his mom’s been seeing, Cord, trying to keep the peace with his father (ain’t gonna happen!) and he and his brothers are still trying to find out exactly how hurt his mom is and will she be okay. Sara is the nurse assigned to Ellie the day she is brought in for treatment. 
She’s sweet and smart and nurturing. Even in the middle of all the craziness that is going around them, Eli gets that fluttering feeling whenever she is around. for some reason she keeps him centered. 

Once the crisis is over, and things are settling down, Eli 
asks Sara if she’d like to go out with him. They hit it off. Sara’s a little older than Eli, but he’s fairly mature for his age. Sara’s plan is to be leaving town soon, to study to get her PA, but the two decide to just enjoy being with each other in the meantime. But the couple has a meteor sized curve ball thrown their way and things between them change quickly. This is where I wanted to take my Kindle and get in more than a few whacks to Eli’s head. This nice guy becomes a real douche and an arrogant one at that. The damage is done, Sara has seen an ugly side to him and things falls apart quickly. But the upside is Sara realizes what she wants for her life and what she doesn’t 
and makes a few life altering decisions. How can two people so far apart emotionally find their way back to each other? 

One thing that I've noticed a few authors doing is mentioning one of the character's reading a book within the book. The author and the name of the book are given and then the character says something about how great it is. I'm not a fan of this. I find it distracting. I would much rather have an excerpt from that book mentioned at the end. It happened enough times in this book that I couldn't let it pass. 

Finding Our Forever is a sweet story with some mild angst. I 
have to admit, my favorite parts involved the drama when things quickly nose-dived for this couple. I wish there had 
been more tension and heart break and a few less sweet moments.
Eli had a lot of growing up to do, and I think his character still had some major changes that were needed before I would have considered taking him back. Sara is a strong character 
who had a few weird reactions that were almost obsessive. I had a tough time relating to either of these characters. While I loved Ellie and Cord in Defining Moments I just 
didn’t have that same connection with these characters. 

Although Andee grew up a military brat and traveled the world with her family, she has made her home in Southwest Idaho with her husband and two sons. Working in the legal field, shuttling around her boys, chasing her two crazy dogs and reigning in her adrenaline-junky husband keep her busy. Andee loves to read and has always written stories as a form of therapy. Running comes in a close second.


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