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Review Tour: A Cranberry Inn Christmas

A Cranberry Inn Christmas

by Beth Ehemann

Christmas at the Murphy household has always been a big deal, but with her daughters getting older, Kacie Murphy is feeling a bit sentimental, so she decides to give her family the perfect Christmas.

Plans of cookie baking, sleigh ride taking, and snowman making are quickly put in jeopardy when Kacie receives devastating news—her mom has sold the beloved Cranberry Inn. 

Not one to let his wife stay sad for long, hockey hunk and husband extraordinaire, Brody Murphy, hatches the ultimate surprise to save Kacie’s perfect Christmas.

When fate and the weather threaten his plans once again, Brody, Viper and Andy might just have to phone in a favor to Santa himself to save Christmas at the Cranberry Inn. 

*This low-angst, heartwarming novella of family and Christmas is the final farewell of the Cranberry Inn gang that readers have grown to love over the years.

5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

Perfect Ending to a Perfect Series. 

How do you end a series as fantastic as this one?  A series that we all love, characters that we cannot get enough of, and a setting such as the Cranberry Inn that we all felt like we were a part of?  You write a perfect novella, wrapping up all of their stories with one big giant bow.  You give us more Brody Murphy moments for us to completely swoon over, more of Viper’s ridiculous but loveable ad funny words for us to laugh over.  You give us more of the Cranberry Inn.  And that is exactly what Beth Ehemann has done!!!  She gave us the perfect ending to this series that we all LOVE so much. 

Kaci wants nothing more than for this Christmas to be perfect.  She is getting older, her twins will be teenagers soon and life seems to be going by too quickly.  She just wants this to be the perfect Christmas.  But when she gets unexpected news, she is afraid that it will be anything but perfect.  But have no fear because Brody, and maybe Viper, have a plan.  In true Brody Murphy fashion it is the best plan that will melt your heart and fall in love with this man all over again. Brody along with his two best buddies, Viper and Andy will do what it takes to make this the best Christmas ever for their families. And boy do they!!!

I loved this series so much and it is so hard to say goodbye to these characters.  I cannot even tell you how much I loved that we got to see a little more of them.  

About three years ago I read a book titled Room For You, written by a new author.  It was about a hockey player, which I love and I just knew I had to read it.   It was after reading that book that I knew Beth Ehemann would become one of my favorite authors.  She created characters that I not only fell in love with, but on some level could relate to. I cried and laughed with these characters.  I swooned over the amazing Brody Murphy and I even wished I had a Brody in my life.  I wanted my own Cranberry Inn to make my own memories with my family.  This series is so much more than falling in love with the characters though.  It is about feeling the emotions that they went through, feeling like I am a part of their world and their “inner circle”.  Wanting to be friends with this group of people.  So knowing that I had to say goodbye to them all was a sad moment.  But I am so thankful for this novella because Beth gave me just what I needed.  

A Christmas at Cranberry Inn is the perfect ending to this series.  We get to see all of our favorite characters come together to create the most amazing Christmas filled with love and great memories.  These characters each had their own book and their own story to tell, but now it is time for them to all come together in one book and that is exactly what I loved about it.  It does not just focus on one couple, it is the entire crew all in one book.   I honestly can’t find the words.  All I can say is that I laughed and I even got teary eyed at some moments.  Brody and the boys melted my heart and I fell in love all over again.  This novella, the feelings, the smiles, the laughs, is the exact reason why I love this series and absolutely adore Beth Ehemann.  Her writing comes from the heart and you can feel it with every word.  While I do not want to say goodbye I am looking forward to the next group of characters that she has for us.

Beth Ehemann lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago with her husband and four children. When she's not sitting in front of her computer writing, or on Pinterest, she loves reading, photography, martinis and all things Chicago Cubs. She's represented by Jessica Watterson of the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency.

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