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Release Blitz: All They Wanted by Kelly Elliott


I could write an awesome synopsis of All They Wanted. Tell you how you're going to get more of Gunner and Ellie, Josh and Heather, and the oh-so-sexy Jeff and his outspoken bride, Ari, as they head out on a couples camping trip.

Never mind that both Ari and Heather are pregnant and moody. Or that Gunner forgot to bring the food ... I mean really, Gunner? I could even tell you how Josh takes a tumble down a hill and—

Now you didn't really think I was going to tell you what happens ... did you?

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wanted-series_8_amazon4 Stars
Review by Lisa Kane

I adore the Wanted gang. I've read every book in the series and these characters are old friends. All They Wanted takes place after Ari and Jeff had had Luke and she is pregnant with their second baby, Ellie and Gunner have Alex and Heather and Jeff are about to get married and she is pregnant with twins. 

Jeff and Ellie are planning a camping trip for the gang. A great way for them to spend some time together before life really steps in and takes away some of their together time. 

"Besides, after the girls have their babies, times like this will be gone. At least for a few years."

Sounds like lots of fun, what could go wrong, right? With this gang, everything and anything!

There will be critters and forgotten food, crazy couples looking for love in all the wrong places, injuries and maybe a few cat fights! There's way too much estrogen in this group for there to be peace all weekend long. Ain't gonna happen. 

"I'm being silly and acting like a child. I don't know why. Maybe it's the baby blues setting in late, or knowing all of this is going to be changing soon."

When you have a group of hot guys, you're going to have shameless flirting by other women. When one of them comes on to my beloved Jeff, I was afraid I'd have to squash this little gnat with my kindle.

"Excuse me for saying this, but you don't seem like the type of guy who needs a gentle horse. You look built to ride. Hard."

Well, all right then. 

The thing that keeps me coming back to read these stories is the friendship. No matter how many spats they have, no matter how many misunderstandings occur, they never ever hold grudges. They always end up seeing the other person's point of view and they never forget the bonds that tie this group together. 

All They Wanted is a funny, poignant snapshot of a few days in the lives of these life long friends. There are lots more memories and good times to be had!

"Wow, and you all ended up together as couples? That's pretty cool."
I grinned. The kid couldn't have been eighteen years old. "It is cool. For awhile, it didn't look like we would all end up together like we did, but in the won."



author-photoElliott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author. Since finishing her bestselling Wanted series, Kelly continues to spread her wings while remaining true to her roots and giving readers stories rich with hot protective men, strong women and beautiful surroundings.

Her bestselling works include, Wanted, Broken, Without You, and Unconditional Love, to name just a few.

Kelly has been passionate about writing since she was fifteen. After years of filling journals with stories, she finally followed her dream and published her first novel, Wanted, in November of 2012.

Kelly lives in central Texas with her husband, daughter, and two pups. When she’s not writing, Kelly enjoys reading and spending time with her family. She is down to earth and very in touch with her readers, both on social media and at signings.

To find out more about Kelly and her books, you can find her through her website.


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