Thursday, January 19, 2017

Review: Loving Ruby by Roya Carmen

I’ve heard all the rumours: He killed his wife. He’s on house arrest. He’s a vampire. Yet still, when I get a job offer from the reclusive Mr. Hyde, I jump at the chance. Yes, I know I’m crazy. 

I’m cautious at first, but then I discover a beautiful, quirky man. I also see a tortured soul who lives in darkness. I know I should run, yet I can’t tear myself away. I want to discover all his secrets. I desperately want to help him. And when he draws me deeper into his strange little world, I want to stay.

4 stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Ruby Riverstone is Amber's younger sister, the sassy, light hearted one we met in Loving Amber. She's a little lost, has tried to fit in to working at the family's business, but it's an epic fail. She's trying to find a job when she sees and ad for an assistant to a writer. This job is perfect for her! She applies but doesn't think she will even score an interview.

I've heard many things these past two years about the infamous reclusive Mr. Hyde. Ever since he took ownership of the Kimble estate, he's all the locals have been gossiping about. Everyone knows he's extremely reclusive, and stories about him abound. Some have even speculated that he may be a vampire. It would explain why he's never seen outside. 

August Hyde is a writer. A best selling writer. He has money, looks and talent. What he doesn't have is a life outside the walls of his mansion. He moved there a few years ago, after tragedy crippled his life and he hasn't left his house since. But his career is booming and he needs help. He needs someone to help with his social media, teasers, promos. So he finally breaks down and advertises for an assistant.

I suck in a long breath as I leave my contact info, hoping she's everything I'm looking for.

Ruby is not exactly indifferent to August herself. Can she work with him and keep things completely business? Does she want to keep things strictly professional? Yes, yes she needs this job...

Despite all the speculation and gossip, one thing was never mentioned...
This strange reclusive man is breathtakingly beautiful.

Ruby is perfect for the job, but August is knocked over when he meets her in person. He's treading water right now-she is too much of a distraction. He may write erotic romance for a living, but he doesn't need a walking fantasy messing with his work or his head. But he goes against his better judgement and hire her.

Finally, after almost three years, I have found myself at a place where I am content and at peace. I don't need any more. No, I'm quite happy in the comfort and safe harbour of my home. 

That's when things get interesting. August (this is his pen name, he hides his real self from everyone) blows hot and cold. He wants Ruby, but he pushes her away and she could get a cold from the Arctic blast coming off of him.

August wants to break free of his fears, but his past holds him back. Ruby makes him want more from his life but he can't be pushed too fast too far.

"You're pushing me too much. You push too hard, too fast. You seem to forget I've been hiding for two years."

Will Ruby get through to August? Can he ever get past what happened to scar him?

I've finally let her in.
It takes me by surprise. Ruby Riverstone is sneaky that way; she slips in without you even realizing and grabs a tight hold of your heart. 

Sometimes a broken heart just needs the right person to come alive to mend it together. Sometimes it doesn't want to let anyone else in. It's cracked and it's flawed and it's going to make sure that it never feels that kind of pain again. 

Ruby is the one. The soul mate I had no idea was waiting for me. 

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