Friday, February 10, 2017

Review: At the Risk of Forgetting by A.M. Wilson

Cami has come a long way from the scared girl who left home at sixteen and pregnant. With hard work and determination, she’s built her daughter a dream life in Arrow Creek, West Virginia. As a single mom, career paramedic, and a homeowner, she doesn’t have time to entertain love. Or men. Or sex. Definitely forget about dating. 

Fast forward fourteen years, she stumbles upon her childhood best friend and love, Lawrence ‘Law’ Briggs, at the local coffee shop. A painful confrontation ensues and challenges her carefully constructed reality. Her strength wavers with Law’s reappearance as half-truths are revealed and memories flood through the barrier. Each encounter uncovers the remnants of their deep feelings, but the pain and guilt between them leads Cami to believe they could never work through their past. Dark secrets hold them apart. The deepest betrayal imaginable. 

Her daughter was a gift she'd never regret, even if it meant she lost him forever. The answer seems simple, but it’s not. Years of hurt and suffering can’t hide that Law still loves her, but is that love enough?

4 star
Review by Jen Skewes

I love AM Wilson’s writing so I was very excited to read this one.  It is a bit different and not as dark as her other books, but I really enjoyed it.  This story had my emotions all over the place.  I went from being happy one minute to annoyed and frustrated the next.  There were times when I wanted to scream at both of these characters and times when I just wanted to hug them.  So I guess you can say I felt it all.

Law and Cami have been friends since they were younger and as teenagers they were each other’s first kiss.  At that time in their life they planned on being each other’s firsts for a lot of things.  They were in love and knew that they were two people who would be together forever.  Until one fight between the two of them changed everything.  What came next for Cami was completely unexpected and scary.  She was pregnant at only 16 years old and had no choice but to leave town if she wanted to raise her baby on her own.  The next 14 years of her life she spent without her best friend, but always thinking of him and letting the guilt she felt consume her.  But her daughter was her number one priority and that is how it would always be.

It has been 14 years since Law has seen the girl he once loved.  When he runs into her one day at a coffee shop so many emotions go through him.   I think for one he cannot believe that he has finally come face to face with her after all these years.  But he is still very bitter and very angry for the way she left.  There is so much still between these two, there is anger, hurt, resentment but also so much love, even if they cannot admit it at the moment.  There is also one big secret that is being kept and once that comes out it could completely destroy any chance that these two have.  Will they get their second chance?

I really enjoyed this book but I was a little conflicted as well.  I loved the storyline and I had a hard time putting this book down.  I wanted to know what happened 14 years ago that caused Cami to leave.  Yes I knew part of it but I wanted the whole story and when it finally came out wow!!  I did not see that one coming.  I loved Cami and seeing what really happened made me love her even more for leaving and making a life for herself and her daughter.  She is a really strong woman that I admired. 

When it comes to Law, I wanted so much to love him, I really did.  I knew that he still loved Cami and over the years he still thought of her.  I also know that her leaving completely shattered him and that he was hurt and angry.  But I don’t think that justified his words and actions.  There were times when I just wanted to punch him and then there were moments where my heart went out to him and I wanted to hug him.  The years since losing Cami weren’t necessarily kind to him and he has been through so much in his life.  I just wanted to understand his actions a little more.  But this is where I am a little conflicted as well.  I wanted more emotion and communication between them.  I wanted Cami to get angry when she had every right to be.  I wanted to understand Law a little better and answers to why he did some of the things that he did.  I just felt she was too forgiving in some moments.  Did I forgive him in the end?  Yes I did but it I still wanted to punch him at times.

This book will bring out so many emotions.  At times I felt like I had whiplash with the back and forth between Law and Cami.  Just when things seemed to be going really bad something would happen that would make me smile again.  But at the same time I questioned it while it was happening.  That’s just how much this story played with my emotions and my trust in the characters.  I loved the supporting characters, especially Nathan  I really hope that we get to see more of them in the future. 

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