Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Review: In the Moment by Alison G. Bailey

Life is made up of moments. If you’re not in one, then you’re not living.

Cadence Fletcher wants to start a new chapter in her life. The problem is, the nightmare she’s been living for the past two years has stripped away her identity, leaving behind only a shell of who she used to be. Until one night. One random meeting. And one moment, brought her heart, soul, and body back to life.

From the very first moment he saw her, Luken Schaffer couldn’t get Cadence out of his mind. He wanted her. He needed her. And wasn’t going to back down until he got her.

But when Luken reveals a family secret, Cadence is torn between living the life she always dreamed of, and sacrificing it all, so that Luken has a chance at the future he deserves.

4 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

In the Moment is a quick novella but there is so much story packed into this short read.  I loved this story and I think most of all I loved the inspirational message that it sends.  Live life in the moment, put aside the past and don’t worry about what will happen in the future.  Live for the now, because you do not know what tomorrow will bring. 

Over the last two years Cadence has been having a really tough time.  She has dealt with so much that at times when she looks in the mirror she is not sure who she evens sees any more.  She has become a shell of herself, being stripped of all self esteem and not sure how get it all back.  One night out with her best friend, changes everything.  It’s the night that she meets the very handsome and much younger Luken Schaffer.  But when the night is over she knows she will never see him again, until fate somehow brings them together again. 

From the moment that Luken saw Cadence at the bar he just knew she was it.  Unfortunately that night didn’t end the way he wanted it to but when fate steps in and he finds himself getting a second chance he will do what it takes. He wants her and not just in a physical way.  He feels the connection between them and he will prove to her that they belong together.  But between their age difference, Cadence’s past and the truth that she learns about Luken’s family she’s not sure that they belong together, no matter how right it feels.  Will she sacrifice it all to make sure the man she loves has the life he deserves?  Or will sheet her own happiness first?

I loved this book.  I loved both characters and everything that they had to offer.  Cadence has been through so much and I loved her and even if I didn’t agree with her I completely understood her reservations regarding her relationship with Luken.  But he was not about to give up and I loved that about him.   I loved how he never saw what she saw, he saw a beautiful woman who he wanted to get to know and eventually spend his life with.  He not only gave her life again but he made her feel, which is something that she hasn’t done in a long time.  She had been so numb for so long that being with Luken made her feel alive again. 

Alison Bailey did a fantastic job with this very touching story.  She writes with such passion. I felt a part of this couple's world feeling the pain and hurt but I also felt the amount of love and passion between them.  This may have been a short novella but Ms. Bailey managed to give us the depth of the characters that I love in a book.  We did see enough of their backgrounds as well as their present and who these two people truly are.  I loved it all!!

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