Monday, March 13, 2017

Review: Don't Hold Back by Missy Johnson

Three countries. 
Two months. 
All expenses paid. 
Just you and me. 

About you: You’re fun loving, adventurous and you have a wicked sense of humor. You’re spontaneous, open minded and creative. You live for today because you never know what tomorrow holds. 

I'm Erin and this isn't your usual Craigslist Ad. I’m twenty-four, and full disclosure, I’m dying. But I don’t want your pity. What I want is your help. I’m not looking for a nanny, or for someone to hold my hand. I want a friend, a confidante, a partner in crime. 

I want you.

Review by Jen Hagen 
4 Stars!

Not a moment goes by where I don’t wish things could be different.  I’m embarking on a journey and I have no idea how or when it will end, and I’m scared.

I have read several of Missy Johnson’s books and I can say her blurbs never lie.  Prepare yourself.  If you do this going in, you will experience a wonderful read of what adventures one can have if you have the “time.”  (Yes, pun intended).   Missy writes an easy to read book that is fast-paced and filled with emotions.  One cannot help but smile while reading this as you will be able to feel the joy radiating from the characters.  But make no mistake…there is a reason why an adventurous journey is being had…Erin has only months to live.

Erin is a very pleasant 25 year old with the an easy-going and carefree personality for somebody who has been dealt the horrible inoperable cancer diagnosis.  She takes it in stride…She is going to live her life to the fullest in the least amount of time.  But to make certain that she is safe, she is going to hire a companion.  That is how Cade enters the story.

Cade has a story of his own and he himself could fill a book with pages of his backstory.  He has his own issues and is easily running from them.

“Let’s just say getting away for a couple of months can’t hurt my life. I’m kind of hoping things just fix themselves while I’m gone.”  

Both Erin and Cade are attractive, funny, and seem to have a natural chemistry around each other.  Of course you know what’s going to happen.  They are attracted to each other as anybody would be in these close situations and they are going to act on it, to heck with the consequences as Erin would say.  

Times is slow but yet moves so fast.  There is still so much to see and so much to do.  The world is big and there’s a lot of fascinating places to go.

In the blink of an eye, a week has gone.  I feel like the end is approaching way too fast, and at the same time, I’m excited for the next leg of our trip…Maybe if I wasn’t enjoying myself as much, time would slow down. 

Even as much as Erin has planned her itinerary, sometimes a detour needs to be taken and sometimes that detour is the best unplanned event.  Cade comes from a family of affluential doctors.  Is it possible there is one doctor that has hope?  Does Erin have confidence to hope?

Do I have the surgery and risk dying or live the heck out of the next few weeks and be happy with that?

I hope I am never faced with this dilemma, but if I am I wish for the grace and dignity that Erin empowered.   One can never know what the final plan is for us even though we go through great detail to make it our destiny.  

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