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Blog Tour: The Best Man by Barbie Bohrman


Today we have the blog tour for The Best Man by Barbie Bohrman! Check it out and grab your copy today!


Author: Barbie Bohrman

Genre: Contemporary romance

About The Best Man:

Veronica Webber is single again after being in a loveless marriage way past its expiration date. For the first time in a very long time, she feels free and after being burned so badly by love in the past, any thought of romance is the last thing on her mind.

In walks a man from her past, Trevor Allen, a tall, dark, and handsome womanizer who is usually all about the bottom line. For Trevor that bottom line has always been made up of the countless notches on his bedpost. But when he sees Veronica after so many years, he can’t help but be drawn to her and know her again… even if that means being friend-zoned from the start.

As this unlikely pair spends more and more time together, they quickly realize that there might be something between them that goes past "just friends." But there’s just one tiny detail that makes this situation slightly more complicated… Trevor was Veronica’s ex-husband’s best man at their wedding nine years ago.

So when past mistakes and indiscretions come back to haunt them, will their happily ever after end before it even gets started?

Or will the best man win this time.

FINAL_The Best Man FOR WEB4 stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Trevor Allen first thought when he spotted Veronica across the room was that he had to have her. Now. This minute. But then Daniel Spencer introduced her as his fiancee. 

Years have gone by and Veronica is now divorced from her cheating louse of a husband, Daniel. She's doing her best starting over-new job, new apartment, new attitude. So when she runs into Trevor Allen at a bar and he's been a witness to an embarrassing encounter she 
just wants to get the hell of out there. Only Trevor isn't going to let her go that easily. If anything, she's even more gorgeous than she was years ago. 

Trevor Allen, the best man from my wedding. Somehow finding out that he was a witness to this tonight-my first night out in forever-made me feel even crappier about it all. 

For some reason Daniel always made a point of telling Veronica how much of a player Trevor was so when it turns out he's a nice guy-she's not sure which version to believe.

Trevor has never wanted to be in a relationship with a woman. He's always enjoyed playing the field but he has to admit to himself, that is getting a little old. Veronica makes him want more from his life, more than his work, more than his own company. 

Veronica was burnt so badly she's not sure she can ever trust a man again.

I wanted to believe that he wouldn't break me. I wanted to believe that he would keep me safe and hold all of my best interests to heart. 

To say her ex is a creep is to underestimate creeps. He is evil and nasty and will hurt her just for the hell of it. 

I barked out a laugh. "You're going to have to do better than that, Daniel. Because I've seen how you treated your wife when she was your wife."

"So you tell me, does he really give a shit about you now?"

If only he was real and if only I had a nice pointy boot to shove up his arse! 

As I said that, the feeling in the pit of my stomach grew more desperate. I could sense that any moment, the other shoe was going to fucking drop.

Veronica has finally found a peace within herself. She's living her life not the life everyone thought she should live. There's no way she is going to let heartache back in. Trevor has his work cut out for him!

I had changed too. She had changed me, for the better. 

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About Barbie Bohrman:

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Barbie Bohrman dreamed of becoming an author. Long after she had given up, a book club’s prologue contest enticed her to give it one more go. What emerged were the beginnings of her debut novel, Promise Me. Now she’s living her dream and writing stories that entice readers to escape and break away from reality. When she’s not writing, you can find her trying to get through the books on her Kindle (more than a thousand at last count) or watching Lost or Seinfeld. She currently resides in New Jersey with her husband, two children, and two dogs.

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  1. sound fantastic! I just picked up this book ad I'm very excited now to jump in :) thanks for shraing!


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