Thursday, May 25, 2017

Release Blitz: All the Way by M.Mabie

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"I was going to keep my word, but I was also keeping her."—Cord Taylor

A contemporary romance with a mouthy redhead and a sexy, charming hero. Swoon. Laugh. Fall in love.

I’m a man’s man. A bro. A pal. A dude. And I love women.

Am I a saint? Far from it.

Do I go out with a lot of women? You’re damn right.

I date them all. Shy. Loud. Too busy. Lonely. High maintenance. No confidence. No filter. Bad habits. Naive. Beautiful ones. Pretty ones—and believe me there is a difference, but that’s another soap box. Point is, I don’t discriminate.

What do I get out of it? Knowledge. I want to be prepared, adept, and ready.

I might find the perfect woman for me today or a few years from now, but I won’t stop until I do. Then when The One comes along, I’ll be ready to go the distance.

Ready to go all the way.

I’m Cord Taylor, and, lady of my dreams, I’m coming for you.

3. 5 stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Cord Taylor is a successful thirty-two-year-old entrepreneur, a lady’s man and does not suffer from any self- esteem issues. He loves woman, loves having sex with them and chalks it all up to gaining experience for when he meets the “One”.

I enjoy making women feel beautiful and special. Not for sex or to gain some reputation, but because-when it all boils down- I don’t ever want to miss out on her.
The One. 

Dana is sick of wasting her time on losers. She’s attracted to good looking bad boys, but those are the ones she should stay away from. She caught the guy she’d been dating for three months red handed. Cheating on her. She didn’t let him know she saw him, but he’s out of here. 

I might have technically broken things off with Cameron, the Last Official Ken Doll, but I was still wearing last night’s dress, and she knew it. 
Okay. Okay. I still slept with him. For old time’s sake. One for the road, as they say. 

Dana is looking for her sister Jodi at the coffee shop where she works. She’s on the phone complaining about why she can’t meet a guy who can give her what she wants when Cord, who owns the shop, overhears her. Dana is gorgeous and sassy and Cord wants her. But they have a little run in, and she takes off. It’s not long before Cord finds out who she is. His best friend Reuben is marrying Dana’s best friend Becca. They are both going to be in the wedding. But Reuben warns Cord off of Dana-Becca doesn’t need the drama and Cord goes through women like water. 

There’s sparks and chemistry and lust between these two-but things are kept on the down low. Is this all about hooking up or something more?

When I found the right girl, I’d always told myself I’d jump. Dive right in. That if it was right, I’d know. Then I’d do everything in my power to give her the best. That I’d be ready. I’d failed myself and Dana in the process.

I have to admit that I wasn’t crazy about either of these characters. Cord was too arrogant for me and Dana-I just never warmed up to her character. She wanted to meet a good, stable guy but she seemed to have a problem curbing her sexual impulses. But I am a huge fan of M. Mabie’s so I wouldn’t hesitate to read her next release. 

“I never said anything to you that I didn’t mean.”



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