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Release Blitz: The Rebellion by SL Scott

Title: The Rebellion
Series: Hard to Resist #5

Author: S.L. Scott
Genre: STANDALONE Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 18, 2017


I met my muse at fifteen. I’d just gotten busted
for smoking behind the school gymnasium. She inspired me with her laugh and
nonjudgmental attitude and, before I knew it, we were inseparable. Then I left
to pursue my rock star dreams—dreams she encouraged.

I got over Jaymes Grenier no problem. I never
think about that little bow at the top of her pink lips, or the way her green
eyes admired mine. Nope, I barely recall the way she fit so perfectly in my
arms when I held her at night. The sweet way she would whisper she loved me has
long faded from memory.

These are the lies I regularly tell myself
in hopes of believing them one day. Yeah, I was told I’d get over my first

I didn’t. 

Derrick Masters marked me the moment we met back
in ninth grade. He called me over—all bravado and bad boy mystery wrapped in a
James Dean-esque package. Dark hair and blue eyes with a rebel without a cause
charisma. He was everything I was warned about, but I couldn’t resist. I
was his from that moment on.

His career took off almost as soon as he
did. I knew it would. I just thought I would be beside him as his partner in
crime, best friend, and lover. That’s what we had always been … before he left
me behind to fend for myself.

Fend? Fight is more like it.

I’ve been fighting ever since. 

Fighting for survival.

Fighting for a better life in a world determined
to keep me down.

I don’t have the luxury of letting my head live
in the lure of La La Land. His dreams may have come true, but mine were
extinguished. These days I fight for something bigger than me, bigger than we
were ever meant to be.

When his dreams come crashing back into my
reality, is this a second chance at that fairy tale ending or another
heartbreak in the making?

4 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

I love this series.  From the first book where we meet Johnny and his band mates, to this book, where we see the fourth band member get his happily ever after.   There are so many reasons why I love this series, one being the members for the very popular rock bad The Resistance.  Each guy has their own story to tell and they each find the woman that is their perfect match.  But it is about so much more than love and finding happiness.  The members of this band and their significant others are all family.  The look out for each other, protect each other and love each other.  So when Derrick Masters finds himself still pining over the girl he left behind, wanting wht his brothers have all found he takes their advice and go after the one girl he has always loved. 

Derrick left his hometown five years ago to chase his dreams.  But with that he left behind the one and only woman that he would ever love, Jaymes Grenier.  He had no choice but to go, it was now or ever.  Jaymes pushed him to go and find his dreams, hoping that one day he would fulfill his promise and come back for her.  They lived in a town where violence occurred regularly and drugs were an issue.  But this was Derrick’s chance to get out and he took it. 

It’s been five years since he has seen Jaymes.  He loves his life as a rock star.  This is the life that he has always wanted.  The fame, the fortune, the high of playing live for his fans and of course the women don’t hurt, but there is something, or should I say someone, missing from his life.  He is on a short break form his tour when he runs into Jaymes.  And those feelings that he had back then are still very much alive. But so much has happened in those five years and Derrick is not sure if Jaymes will ever give him another chance at making it right.  There is one thing that is stopping Jaymes from being with Derrick again, but that one thing is huge.  It is the one thing that can destroy everything.  Will they get their second chance?

I loved Derrick.  This man was sweet and kind and loving and so freakin sexy.  Yes he is a rock star but the love that he has for Jaymes is so genuine and so real.  He has loved her since the day he first met her and no matter where he was in his ife or who he was with, no one compared to her.   He wasn’t the only one who felt it thought.  Jaymes’ love for Derrick was just as strong.  She has never loved anyone, he has always been it for her.  And you feel that love and connection from the moment that they see each other again.  I loved the little glimpses of the past that Ms. Scott shared with us.  It makes you feel the love between them even more.  Seeing how real thie love was five years ago.

One of the things iI oved was how well they picked up right where they left off.  The connection and love was still there.  And despite the fact that Derick left her, she was so proud of the man that he had become.  She was so happy for the life that he was living, for reaching his dreams.  Despite the horror that she went through when he left, she was still so proud of him.  Now with that being said there was a part of me that wanted to see a little more resistance from Jaymes.  The two of them getting back together seemed too easy.  But when all is said and done the truth is that is was easy for them.  She let him go and what happened to her when he left was something that he was truly sorry for and wished things had been different.  He wished he had known.  It was like he knew and chose to stay away.  But it as those moments together, when Jaymes opened up to him that I waited for  I needed her to tell him the truth, I waited for it, waiting to see his reaction and see how much it pained him as well.  I loved the emotions this book brought out in me and I knew that at any moment the other shoe would drop.  I didn’t know how or when but I knew it was coming.  I felt myself sitting on pins and needles just waiting for it to happen. Fearing how the story would turn and what would happen.  I I loved every part of that moment.  Those moments of angst when you know something is going to happen.  The emotions you feel when one character opens up in a way that breaks her.  It was a art of the ride and I loved every minute of it.  I don’t know if this is the last in the series but I hope not.  Maybe a novella so we can catch up on our favorite group of characters.  The love and bond that they all have with each other is one of the best parts of this series.  Another great job by SL Scott. 

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On the front porch, leaning against the wood column in all
his newfound glory, stands the most breathtaking man I’ve ever seen. As a
teenager, I thought he was the best-looking boy I’d ever seen,
and based on how I’m struggling to breathe just from looking at him now, I
think he still holds the title. But now he’s a man.
Ace is talking about what some kid named Shiloh got in
trouble for today at school, but I’m still staring at Derrick Masters.
Derrick Masters.
My very own Perseus, though right now I’m thinking he was
more my Achilles heel in the grand scheme of things.
Derrick Masters is standing on my mother’s front porch like
he belongs there. A smile that shines like the star he’s become appears and he
waves. Not sure if it was the grin on his face or the wave that sends me
tripping flat on my face into the grassy lawn, but I’m cursing the curb when I
lift up and look right into the dark blue eyes I’ve tried to despise.
“Are you okay?” he asks, trying to help me up. His voice is
deep, the timbre the same one that always made my heart beat a little faster.
It’s not that thought that runs through my mind. It’s his hands on me,
grappling to help me to my feet.
He’s touching me.
Derrick Masters is touching me and I consider lying there
longer just to savor the feel of his calloused fingers again. Ace tugs at my
ankle like that will help me up. “Mommy, you fell.”
Derrick knows I’m a mommy.
Oh my God. What does he think?
Does he hate me? Disappointed in me? Happy for me? Or not
care at all?
I would care if I found out he has kids.
Maybe he already knew . . .
Maybe I’ll just lie here as long as I can until he goes
Ace lies down next to me and rests his face on my hand.
Looking at me with wide eyes, he asks, “Are we playing a game? This is fun.”
“Yes, I quite like it here.”
I hear Derrick chuckling just above me, enough to feel his
warmth covering my body like sunshine as I lie in the cool grass. I might be
mistaken but it sounds like he’s behind me now. On the ground with me.
Ace’s eyes look over my head. “My friend is here too.” He
giggles. “See? Right there.”
Lying like a dead fish, I smile at my cute son not quite
ready to face Derrick Masters. “What’s your new friend’s name?”
“Derrick. He plays a guitar like you, Mommy.”
After a tap on the back, Ace’s new friend speaks, “Hi.”
I miss Derrick’s hands on me, even if it was just helping me
up. Ace is a ball of laughter and gets up. I watch until he runs behind me.
“I’m here now. We’re all here. This is fun. Oh look, the moon.”
I can’t avoid him forever and the grass is grounding,
literally, and settles my anxiety over just this kind of thing happening. I’ve
embarrassed myself and he’s found out I’m a mother in the course of one sexy
smile and a wave. I shake my head and close my eyes annoyed with myself for
acting so foolishly in front of him. He was once my everything. When
I roll onto my back, the top of our hands meet in an innocent touch that
neither of us bothers to retreat. Finally building enough nerve, I turn my head
and look straight into his eyes again. “Hi,” I whisper.
That devastatingly charming smile reappears, and he says,
“It’s good to see you, Jaymes.”

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Author Bio

Living in the capital of Texas with her family, Scott loves traveling and avocados, beaches, and cooking with her kids. She's obsessed with epic romances and loves a good plot twist. Her favorite color is blue, but she likens it more toward the sky than the emotion. Her home is filled with the welcoming symbol of the pineapple and finds surfing a challenge though she likes to think she's a pro.

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