Sunday, May 7, 2017

Review: The Beautiful Game by A Meredith Walters

Lucas Bradley enjoys many things.
The roar of the crowd.
Scoring a goal.
Being worshipped and adored by a growing legion of rabid, football obsessed fans.
But gaining a reputation as English football's newest bad boy—not so much.

Morgan Carter is a fish out of water.
Having moved from America to the United Kingdom, she had hoped for a great adventure.
Instead she's floundering in a job she doesn't like and a country she doesn't understand.
And she finds herself more than ready to leave the land of hot accents behind.

Until a drunken kiss at the local pub changes everything.

Passions ignite. Tempers flare. And what starts as a temporary distraction turns into something deeper.

Yet sleeping with a man on the cusp of full-blown fame comes with a price—one that Morgan isn't sure she's willing to pay. And Lucas, forced into the spotlight, finds his world turned upside down.

Love is a game.
But are Lucas and Morgan ready to play?
And can they learn the rules before they run out of time?

4 Stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Lucas Bradley is hot, talented and a total mess. He’s the bad boy of soccer (I just can’t get used to calling it football!) and he lives up to that reputation.

“I could never forget you,” she giggled.
Clearly I had f#*ked her.
Glad it was memorable for one of us.

He plays for Chester Athletic but he’s destined for the big time. He knows he has to get his act together. Too many fights, too much booze, too many goal diggers. (that’s the nickname for the endless line of women all too eager to shag one of the players for bragging rights)

My mother deserved better.
Anna deserved better.

He wants to be a better man for his mom and sister. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak…

Morgan Carter is an American working in England. When she’s out having a pint in a pub, she runs into Lucas and one of his teammates. Lucas is drunk as usual and she helps get him into a ride to get home. The whole moment is captured by the paparazzi and made to look like she is going home with both guys.

“Lucas Bradley and Alan Cole seen with mystery woman. Witnesses claimed the three later went home together.”

When Lucas spots Morgan out at a bar, he’s not going to let the opportunity to meet her get by him.
Only she’s not thrilled to see him again.

“I know who you are. We’ve met already,” she replied dryly, turning away from me.

Oh boy, the challenge is on!

Morgan doesn’t make it easy on him. He has to work at getting her to agree to meet up with him-just give him a chance.

“Yep, we’re total besties. We’ll be making each other friendship bracelets soon.”

But Lucas has secrets –ones that could hurt things between he and Morgan. Morgan is only in the UK temporarily-her life is back in the States. How’s this going to work?
Being with a sports celebrity is not an easy thing. Every move you make leaves you open for discussion. There is no privacy.

He didn’t only belong to me. He never would. He belonged to everyone. And that was something that my heart just couldn’t accept. Not yet anyway.
Would it ever?

When their relationship is put to the test, will it survive or will it crumble and fall apart?

“You’ve changed me, Morgan Carter.
You’ve made me a better man. Because I want to be everything you deserve.”

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