Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Review: Resisting Mateo by Sam Mariano

If you dance with the devil, don't be surprised when all Hell breaks loose. 

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE. YOU WILL NOT ENJOY THIS IF YOU ARE NOT INVESTED IN THE CHARACTERS. DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU DIDN'T READ THE PREVIOUS BOOKS. Must be read in order! Or a unicorn dies. (Seriously, you do not want to start with this book. It'll be kookydooks.)

5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

Wow!!!  All I can say it well done Ms. Mariano, well done. 

I am a huge fan of this series and could not wait for more of Mateo, Meg, Vince and Mia.  At the end of Family Ties I thought I was good with how things ended.  But of course I still needed more and needed to know which direction these characters would take.  I do not want to say much but will say this, get ready for one heck of a ride.  There are moments that will break you, moments that will make you angry, moments that will make you swoon.  I went into this book feeling one away about these characters and by the end of this book everything changed.  My feelings for the characters, who I wanted to see as a couple and how I want all of this to end. 

Ms. Mariano took this book to places I never expected.  I fell even more in love with Mateo no matter how much of a monster he could be.  I saw that yes he does have a heart and a soft spot for certain people.  I felt so much pain for one particular character while the other one I felt was just along for the ride.  Either way it is a ride that has so many ups and downs and bumps along the way.  I smiled, I cried, I laughed and when it was all over I wanted more.  I wanted to go back and read this book all over again.  I may have withdrawals until Coming Home is in my hands. 

I kept this one short for a reason.  Saying too much will give this whole story away.   Go into ths one completely blind.  But buckle up because it is a bumpy ride. 

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