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Release Blitz: the Fortunate Ones by R.S. Grey

R.S. Grey's next romantic comedy, THE FORTUNATE ONES, is available now! Read a sneak peek below and be sure to pick up your copy today!


At Twin Oaks Country Club, there are the fortunate ones, and then there are the rest of us: the waiters, the caddies, the valets, and in my case, the cabana girls. Most days, I’m poolside in a pleated skirt, dishing out margaritas to tycoons and titans. It’s not exactly my dream job, but it does come with one perk…
James Ashwood.
He’s my silver lining in a custom black suit.
Besides being a legacy member at the club, he’s a tech mogul and Austin’s most eligible bachelor. Oh, and those dimples? Yeah, they make my stomach dip too.
On good days, I catch his sleek Porsche winding down the tree-lined drive. On better days, I steal a glimpse of his handsome profile as we pass in the hall. And on the absolute best day, I find him alone at the bar, looking for company.
“Come have a seat.”
Those four little words set me down a path I never could have imagined. Private planes, penthouse suites, and temptations around every corner make it impossible to keep my distance. His world feels decadent and wild—but overindulgence comes with a cost. Every kiss comes with strings. Every erotic encounter is a promise I’m not ready to keep.
When I pump the brakes, he hits the gas. James doesn’t want to go slow—he wants a commitment.
And the thing about the fortunate ones?
They’re used to getting what they want.
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4.5 stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Some people carve their initials so deeply into your heart, they’ll always be a part of you. 

Brooke Davenport graduated with college after having majored in both Spanish and French. She’s hoping to secure an au pair position in Europe tutoring a child in those languages. But in the meantime, she’s the cabana girl at a swanky country club in Austin that caters to those swimming in money. Her sister Ellie works there too. 
Brooke had a privileged upbringing-her dad and her stepmother are part of the in crowd but Brooke has deep disdain for that life style. Her mother works with the Peace Corps alongside her former neighbor, now lover. There are mommy issues here-her mom  was a young bride and mother –but mom took off and left her kids. Brooke is determined to see the world and have fun. No way is she settling down any time soon. 

James Ashwood, whether he is aware of it or not-is a godlike figure around the country club. The workers track his every move. The thirty something, rich tech genius is the stuff that fills women’s dreams, while wishing they were filling his bed. Brooke refuses to drink the Kool-Aid. 

In the three months I’ve worked at Twin Oaks, James Ashwood has been talked about way more than the bevy of professional athletes and famous locals who also frequent the club. A royal asshole. A major dick. A shrewd businessman. A big tipper with an appetite for everything luxurious: beautiful women, top-shelf whiskey, and expensive cars. 

Brooke may go out of her way to avoid him, but James is more than aware of who she is-she might not know this but her gorgeous looks make it impossible for the male club members not to be aware of her. 
Once they are on each other’s radar, Brooke and James begin a strange relationship. Not exactly friends, not exactly business acquaintances, but there is definite something between them.

“Spying on them?” a server asks behind me. “Who?” I ask innocently, my gaze on James and Lacy unwavering. He chuckles and brushes past me to deliver food. “The fortunate ones.” 

Brooke is 25, James is 36. Both know what where they want to be in five years. Besides the smokin’ raw chemistry between them-what do they really share in common? 

James once asked me where I want to be in five years. Wherever I am, I hope I’m not looking back on this day, wishing I’d done something different. 

The Fortunate Ones is a bit of a heart breaker. Yes, it’s funny and witty and the jaundiced eye Brooke has for those who have more money than brains is dry humor at it’s best. But expect to feel your stomach flip flopping more than once. 

“Is that how this works? We're just supposed to be happy for each other?"

I wish we had more insight into James. The story is told only from Brooke’s POV, so we have to fill in the gaps and rely on things others tell us about him. There is no dialogue with him when he isn’t with Brooke. I wanted to know more about his thoughts, and why he seems to be such a lonely man. 

Nevertheless, The Fortunate Ones more than carries it’s own weight with the story line. Both characters do things that will frustrate you-I can’t count the number of times James acted like a pompous ass and Brooke-aggh..this girl is her own worst enemy. However, isn’t that what we love in a story-when the characters make us feel? When they get us so steamed up and angry that we want to reach into our Kindles and knock some sense into them? Gah..I love a great read! 

“You think?” he asks curiously. “What?” I blink, shocked that he’s finally speaking. “You think you’re in love with me? He asks again., leaning forward across the table, not mincing his next words one bit. 

Get a Sneak Peek of THE FORTUNATE ONES:

“I missed you today,” he says, his heated gaze lingering on my body.

I step back, and he follows.

He looks like he’s cornering his prey.

“Apparently not enough to make it to dinner,” I point out icily.

“I called the restaurant and told them I’d be late. Didn’t they tell you?”

I cross my arms and glance away.

“Brooke.” He steps closer and gently lifts my chin, forcing me to look back at him. “Fight with me tomorrow.”

I narrow my eyes, angry with him for shelving this discussion so casually. To him, it doesn’t matter that I sat in that restaurant alone, looking like a fool for nearly two hours. He’s brushing off my anger, stepping closer and forcing his way past my defenses.

“I think I’d like to talk about it now.”

I catch the beginning of a smirk just before he leans in to kiss my cheek.

“Are you sure there isn’t anything you’d rather be doing right now?”

He uncrosses my arms and brings them up over his shoulders then steps closer, towering over me. My arms tighten around his neck, but still, I turn away, keeping my mouth from him. His breath hits my neck and he pulls me taut against his hard body, growing more impatient with every moment I try to resist.

“Brooke,” he whispers huskily.

My eyes flutter closed as he bends and presses a kiss to my cheek, my chin, then lower, tipping my head back so he can reach the smooth recess at the nape of my neck. I shiver and he groans, obviously aware of what his touch is doing to me.


About R.S. Grey

R.S. Grey is the USA Today bestselling author of thirteen novels, including THE FOXE & THE HOUND. She lives in Texas with her husband and two dogs, and can be found reading, binge-watching reality TV, or practicing yoga! Visit her at

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