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Release Blitz: Follow Me Back by A.L.Jackson

Follow Me Back 

The next seductive, unforgettable stand-alone romance in the FIGHT FOR ME series from NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author A.L. Jackson . . .

"This is why I read romance." --Lauren Rowe, USA Today and Internationally bestselling author
My loves - I am so beyond thrilled to finally get to share Kale and Hope's story with you in FOLLOW ME BACK! Writing this book was a labor of love, and after everything, I think it might be my favorite book I've ever written. It's super sexy and swoony, sad and sweet, and just filled my heart up so full there is no chance I will ever forget the way these characters made me feel. I hope you fall in love with them the same way I did! 
xoxo - Amy 
The next seductive, unforgettable stand-alone romance in the FIGHT FOR ME series from NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author A.L. Jackson . . .
Kale Bryant. Arrogant. Gorgeous. Commanding.
This ER doctor is married to his job. His only vice is one-night stands and short-lived flings. He learned a long time ago loving someone isn’t worth the risk.
Harley Hope Masterson. Beautiful. Brave. Sweet.
The owner of a small coffee shop knows what it’s like to struggle. Embroiled in a bitter divorce, she’s threatened with losing everything.
When Kale accepts a new position down the street from Hope’s shop, he begins to question every wall he’s built around his heart.
He wants her in a way he hasn’t wanted anyone.
One touch is fire.
One kiss, and he’s spinning out of control.
But taking her won’t come without consequences.
Hope is in for the fight of her life. One neither of them saw coming.
Now Kale must decide if loving her is worth risking it all.
She will fight with everything she has.
But sometimes even hope needs a hero . . .

4  stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Kale Byrant's hard work is finally paying off. He's about to begin his practice with a group of successful pediatric physicians. After three years of being an emergency room physician he is ready to leave the horrors of the ER and focus on patient care. Work has totally ruled his life. There's very little time for anything else.

Sleep had become my unicorn.
And sex had become my prize.
I allowed my self that pleasure. Getting lost in a willing body to forget about all the stress and trauma .
For a few hours, I'd et myself get lost.
Unbound and unchained.
No promises or commitments or loyalties that I couldn't make.

He's out celebrating the start of his new career when he sees her. Her red hair and freckles and milky skin draws him to her. She's surrounded by her friends who all seem to be having a blast. But she is sitting on a stool looking as if she would rather be any place else.

Hope Masterson seems him walking towards her. Oh lord, he caught her checking him out. It's not that he isn't gorgeous, he is, it's not that she's not tempted to take what he's obviously offering, but she has too much at stake.

"Do I look like the kind of girl who follows a complete stranger out of a bar? You might be on the prowl, but I'm here to celebrate with my friend. Give her my time, because she pretty much gives me all of hers. And honestly, I'm kind of tire of the idea a man can just snap his fingers and a woman will start peeling off her panties." I smelling burnt toast??

Kale doesn't get defensive or belligerent-he remains a gentleman and leaves Hope with some lingering regrets.

It's Kale's first day and he's got time to kill. There's a new coffee shop in town he check out-A Drop of Hope. Guess who the owner is?

Oh he's going to enjoy this. Hope might act like she doesn't remember him, but Kale's about to shut that right down.

"Tell me I'm not that forgettable."

Kale's no dummy, he knows Hope isn't up for a one night stand. But for some reason, one night isn't what he wants either. Maybe it's seeing his friends settling down, but he actually would like to date Hope, not just bed her.

Hope's got a whole heap of trouble going on in her life. Scary trouble and she might be want to go out with Kale but she's got to play it safe.

Now where's the fun in that?

Kale might wear down her defenses but they both have walls that are almost impossible to scale.

I'd always wondered how many broken hearts one person could endure.
Broken hearts meted out by unexpected tragedy.
Broken hearts delivered by the ones who were supposed to love them most.
Sometimes, I felt as if I could endure no more. 

Just a little warning, Follow Me Back has some great humor and wit. But be prepared, because your heart is going to crack. There are more than a few parts of this story that will make your eyes wet. That will give you all the feels. That might make you take the smallest of breaks to regroup and jump back in. But sometimes hearts have to break in order for the characters to realize that the cracks can be repaired by the love of the right person.

"You set me on a path that I don't want to stop walking. I will follow you anywhere."

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A.L. Jackson is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotional, sexy, heart-filled stories about boys who usually like to be a little bit bad.
Her bestselling series include THE REGRET SERIES, CLOSER TO YOU, and BLEEDING STARS novels. Watch for A.L. Jackson’s upcoming novel, FOLLOW ME BACK, the second stand-alone novel in her brand-new FIGHT FOR ME SERIES.
If she’s not writing, you can find her hanging out by the pool with her family, sipping cocktails with her friends, or of course with her nose buried in a book.
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