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Release Blitz" Home Run King by Stella

Home Run King by Stella is an all new standalone sports romance is AVAILABLE NOW!


My life was what country songs are made of: my Granny died, my girlfriend broke up with me, I knocked up her cousin, and I was inducted into the Major League Hall of Fame. Yup…just like every country song I’ve ever heard.
But let me start over…
My name is Gage Nix. That’s all you need to know.
Actually, there’s a lot more to Gage than meets the eye. My name’s Katie Crisp, and I had a front row seat and the inside scoop.
In a moment of grief and desperation, I allowed the Home Run King to…well, hit a home run on my diamond. He not only knocked it out of the park, but he also knocked me up.
Raising two babies—the one I was carrying, and Gage—wasn’t what I signed up for. But he gave me no choice. I only wish I hadn’t waited until the end of the season to see that he was my MVP.
Oh, and the only hall of fame he’s ever been inducted into is his own.

4.5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

Stella (AKA the writing team of Leddy Harper and Stephie Walls) has done it again.  I loved Third Base and after reading it, I not only wanted more of Ellie and Coby but I wanted more of Gage Nix.  That man deserved his own book.  

Gage Nix just recently lost his Granny, the one person who was his everything.  If that wasn’t enough his girlfriend left him.  Katie Crisp is the nurse that Gage hired to take care of his Granny.  Katie was not a big fan of Gage’s but they both had one thing in common and that was Granny.  She meant the world to the both of them.  They were both grieving and one night found comfort in each other.  But that night connected them in a way they never expected, because Katie is now pregnant.  With Granny’s passing she is left with no money and no job.  As far as Gage goes, well Gage Nix is going to be a father.  Let that one sink it a bit. 

Gage is excited to become a father even if it is something that he has never considered.  They may not get along well, but Gage is determined to be there for his “baby mama” and his unborn child as much as he can.  His solution is to move in with them at his Granny’s house.  Neither one of them knew how this whole thing would work but as they begin to spend more time together and Katie starts to see the Gage that very rarely comes out, things between them change.  Katie has secrets.  Gage is afraid of getting close to someone, only to lose them again.  Will they be able to take the next step and be together?

I loved this book.  Gage Nix is a sexy ball player whose crazy antics is part of what I loved about him.  The words that came out of that man’s mouth just made me laugh.  He may have had a reputation but when you get to know the real Gage you see that he has a heart of gold.  He truly wanted to be there for Katie, and to take care of his child.  He was loyal and kind and just an all around amazing.  He friendship with his BFF Rinny was the cutest friendship I have every seen.  They were adorable together.  Only Gage Nix could be best friends with a three year old. 

I adored Katie.  She was the one girl who could handle him.  She saw parts of Gage that the rest of the world did not get to see.  I loved that regardless of the fact that her baby daddy was a professional ball player she never wanted to depend on him.  These two were perfect for each other. She accepted him and all his craziness.  She was able to see past that part of him and see the loving man who wanted to take care of her and their child. 

I loved this book!!  I could not wait for Gage’s story and Stella did no disappoint. I love both Ms. Harper and Ms. Walls separately but together they are an amazing writing team.  I look forward to more from them in the future.  The humor, the wit, the right amount of drama has me from beginning to end.  I laughed with these characters but also felt for them at times.  It wasn’t all just fun and games, there were emotions involved as well.  It was the perfect blend.  Another great job by this duo!!

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