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Release Blitz: Label Me Proud by Stephie Walls

Release Date: March 15, 2018
Cover Design: Wicked by Design
Model & Photo Credit: Nathan Hainline


We’ve been best friends since we were five: Beau, Masyn, and me.
But nothing’s as simple as it seems.
Relationships change and so do people.
Especially now.
With Beau getting married, and a new girl in town, it’s time to confess.
I’m in love with my best friend.
…And I think I’m too late.

4 Stars 
Review by Jen Skewes

Label Me Proud is a friends to lovers romance which is one of my favorite books to read.  It was a fun, sweet and light read with just the right amount of drama.  

Masyn, Lee and Beau have been best friend since kindergarten.  Beau is about to get married to a woman that neither Masyn or Lee are fond of.  While Lee is still harboring his true feelings for his best friend Masyn.  The two of them have always been inseparable, especially sine Beau left two to go to college.  But they have always been nothing more than friends.  Lee is afraid to admit his true feelings to Masyn in fear of ruining their friendship.  Will he finally man up and tell her the truth?  Or will something hold him back?

I really loved this story.  For one Lee is just one of those men that you fall in love with instantly.  He is a southern gentleman who is sweet and sexy.   Loved the humor and banter between him and Masyn and Beau.  While this is friends to lover romance it is so much more that that.  The friendship between the three of them is a big part of this story as well.  Lee is a sweetheart whose two best friends mean the world to him.  He has been a part of their life's since he was little and felt that they were more family than anything.  

I loved Masyn, tough as nails on the outside, doing job that is mostly done by men, and beautiful on both the inside and out.  She does have her own insecurities which you do see in this story and that is why I loved her.  She is such a relatable character and I loved her.

Masyn and Lee together were just adorable!!!  I loved not only the banter between them but the sweetness and how it all just came so easy to them.  Beau is their other best friend and he was very much part of this story. He has his own story to tell and I loved how his two friends were by his side the entire way.  This is by no means "his book" but it certainly sets it up for him to have his own.....hint hint!!  

I loved this book. I loved the friendships, how important family was and the writing was great.  It is a fun and light hearted read.  I loved how Masyn and Lee sort of danced around their feelings but yet at the same time everyone saw it.  They were just perfect together.  I am really hoping for Beau's story!!  Great read.  



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About the Author

Bestselling author, Stephie Walls is a literary whore - she loves words in all forms and will read anything put in front of her. She has an affinity for British literature and romance novels and an overall love of writing. She currently has ten novels out, four short stories, and has collaborated in several anthologies/collections with other authors; all tales of real love and romance.

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