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Review Tour: 13 by Rhonda James

Title: 13

Author: Rhonda James

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About 13:

“Fake it till you make it.”

 A notion I once considered utterly ridiculous. Until one crazy night with a mysterious man resulted in a social media frenzy that had the entire entertainment industry talking.

 Seems a fake marriage was just what my career needed to make Hollywood come knocking.

Convincing him to continue the charade was almost too easy. The chemistry between us made it impossible to keep my hands to myself. But it was all just pretend, right? Love was never in the script.

 That is, until he re-wrote it.

 13 Reasons You Should Stay:

  1. I’m crazy about you
  2. I make you laugh
  3. You totally dig me

4.5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

I am no stranger to Rhonda James' writing.  I love her writing and she mages to create characters that I just fall for every time.  And 13 was no different.  I loved this book.  From the moment I started reading I could not put it down.  And Jared "Hawk" Hawkins is my new favorite book boyfriend.  OMG, he was everything, pure perfection wrapped up in a sexy rocker.  

Sophie has had a tough year.  She is an aspiring actress and one stint on a reality show has not only broken her heart but has also given the world a different side of her, one she is not too proud of.  She goes out one night, planning on just getting drunk and enjoying the night. And boy does she.  That's where she meets Hawk, the guy that will change everything.  They both have their issues at the moment and meeting each other is just want they needed. It's as if they found what they need in each other.  A few drinks and dancing leads to the two of them pretending to be married.  If just for one night.  But the next morning Sophie finds that their little stint may have helped her career in a positive way.  She has a proposition for Hawk, which he gladly accepts.  

Sophie and Hawk are instantly attracted to each other and the chemistry between them is palpable.  They know that this little charade will have to end at some point.  And when it does will it leave someone behind with a broken heart?  Hmmmm.....you will just have to read to find out what happens.

I don't think I could love a character as much as I love Hawk.  He is a rock star who has had his fair share of woman, but he has a heart of gold.  A southern charmer who is sweet, kind, fun, witty and the kind of guy who can woo you like no other.  He has a bit of an alpha side that made him even sexier.  I loved everything about him.  Sophie was his perfect match with her sassiness and feisty side.  Together they were perfect.  

I loved the banter and flirting between them but it was also those special tender moments that just melted my heart.  Rhonda James once again captured me from the very beginning. Once I started this book I could not put it down.  I devoured this book from beginning to end.  A sexy rock star who will make you swoon, a feisty actress who you will just fall in love with, throw in some witty banter, an ex-dhouxebag, and just the right amount of drama and angst and you have a fantastic read.  Another amazing job by Ms. James.  I hope we get to see more of these characters in the future.  

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Exclusive Excerpt:

The first thing I noticed were his eyes. Bottle green with the tiniest flecks of copper scattered throughout, and when the light hit them just right, those flecks sparkled in the most intriguing way. His shaggy caramel-blond hair stuck up in all directions, as if he’d been running his fingers through it all day, and the longer I stared, the more I found myself wanting to do the same thing. Tattoos circled both of his wrists, and his ears were pierced and adorned in black onyx. He had a smile that could simultaneously melt your heart and panties. Everything about him screamed male model, and if he wasn’t, then he sure as hell should be. He was that gorgeous. The bar was packed, and he was seated close. So close his muscular thigh pressed tightly against mine, making it impossible to ignore his presence. Not that I wanted to or anything.

By the time I finished examining him, I looked up and found his pouty lips were puckered as if he was deep in thought. Either that or he was thinking about kissing me. Yeah, I knew we hadn’t been formally introduced, but I’d definitely consider kissing those lips. His gaze was intense, and it roamed my entire body, slowly, as if he were cataloging every detail for later when he was alone and naked in the shower. The thought of him naked, alone or otherwise, excited me.

“No one special.” I fidgeted in my seat. “Old boyfriend.”

“If you ask me, he’s a dumbass for letting you get away. You’re much prettier than candy.”

Another blush heated my cheeks as I shook my head and responded, if only to keep him talking, “Ahh, but you haven’t seen this particular piece of candy.”

“Don’t need to. He gave you up. In my book, that’s reason enough to achieve asshole status.” He winked and tipped his glass to mine. “But, thanks to his assholery, you’re here with me. So… to assholes.”

Okay. He was definitely flirting.

About Rhonda:

Rhonda is an Amazon bestselling romance author who strives to create a book boyfriend for all her readers. She’s married and lives in Michigan with her family. In her spare time you can find her talking to readers, getting lost in a new book, or just spending time with her family.

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