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Release Blitz: Bottom of the Ninth by Kimberly Readnour

Release Date: September 27, 2018
Cover Design: Daqri Bernardo / Covers by Combs


Meet bad boy catcher, A.J. Gonzalez...
When I stood Mia up eight years ago, I never dreamed I’d run into her again. But here she is, making me look like a fool in front of thousands of fans.

The sweet, innocent girl never knew why I left. But I had my reason. A good one. In no way was I worthy enough for Mia Gunner. Today, grown up and hotter than ever, she’s still too good for me. But when she walks by, wearing those skin-tight leggings, that doesn't stop me from wanting that taste I denied myself. And I get it.


It turns out; Mia isn’t through plotting her sweet revenge. Now, left in a not so compromising position, Mia won’t have anything to do with me.

That is until we find ourselves in another awkward situation. When I think life can’t get more complicated, Mia packs a few more surprises. And believe me, she may not be as timid as I once thought.

I can’t help wanting her, but I need to stay away. Especially with our paths taking different courses. But I’ve never been one to back away from a challenge. It’s the bottom of the ninth. Time to score. I’ll either step to the plate or strike out. No matter what happens, this will definitely be a December I’ll never forget.


4 stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Nice second chance at love read! AJ Gonzalez is the catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. He's agreed to pose for a beefcake calendar for charity. His costume as Mr. December-a half naked lumberjack elf. He's humiliated, but even more so when he sees the photographer is Mia Gunner. The girl he dumped eight years ago in college.

Of all the stupid things I've done-and believe me, there have been a lot-my treatment toward her has been my biggest regret. 

Mia has the advantage, she knew she would be working with him. But seeing him again, his body even more gorgeous than the last time she saw him-well she's not exactly immune to him.

Lost to the memory, I find it hard to remember the reason why I hate this man. Because he humiliated and broke me. 

AJ may have had his reasons for ghosting on Mia years ago, reasons that at the time made sense, but he's never quite been able to get her out of his head. Finding out that Drake Gunner, the new guy on the team gunning for his job, is her brother is just another weird coincidence.

Mia is older, more mature but still scarred from AJ. The years since she's seen him were filled with unspeakable loss and tragedy. AJ wants a chance to see her, nothing's really changed, she's still off limits but he can't help himself.

If there's one thing that AJ is, it's persistent. Eventually, circumstances put the two of them together and AJ has a chance to really talk with Mia.

"No boyfriends?" How about you? Any girlfriends?" I counter. He doesn't need to know about my relationships, nor do I need to know his. I personally don't care about the number of partners he's gone through-one-time hook-ups are just that, but something raunchy stirs inside my stomach at the prospect of him having a long-term girlfriend. And that makes zero sense. 

As if things aren't complicated enough, AJ's sister Cara and Mia's brother Drake, may be hooking up. Drake is a total douche-this guy is too cocky, too sure of himself and has no regard for anyone else's feelings. (if he gets a book, I'm gonna pass)

Mia is fighting her feelings-she has her own reasons for why she agreed to photograph the team for charity.

Helping St. Claire Children's Research Hospital is the reason I endured seeing AJ after strategically avoiding him ever since Drake signed with his team. 

But the heart wants what the heart wants-even if once again this couple's timing is off.

"The timing sucks." "It always has," I mumble and swallow down the pain lodged in my throat. 

It's time for AJ to man up-if he's going play to win or will he walk away a loser?

As she wraps her arms back around and peers up with those sapphire rich eyes, I know it's the bottom of the ninth, and I just hit a home run. 

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About the Author

Kimberly Readnour lives in the Midwest with her husband, two children, and a very fluffy cat.
Visions, book one of the Mystical Encounters Series, is a #1 Amazon Kindle bestseller and a 2015 Readers' Favorite book award finalist. Her series, the Mystical Encounters, has spent many weeks on the Amazon's teen and young adult's mysteries and thrillers bestseller's lists.

Kimberly worked as a Registered Nurse for fifteen years before hanging-up her stethoscope. When she isn't running her own business, you can find her tucked away writing.

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