Thursday, July 18, 2019

Review: The Night We Met by Beth Rinyu

I’ve always been three things: Loving daughter, devoted sister, and cynical romantic. Okay, maybe not always the last one, that didn’t happen until my ex-boyfriend cheated on me, and not with just anyone…my best friend.

One year later, and I’m over relationships, only interested in the occasional one-night stand. I don’t fall in love with them, and I don’t expect them to fall in love with me. I won’t be waiting around for their call or stalking their social media—until I discover that one of my little trysts indirectly holds my family’s fate in his hands. So, with a little convincing from my older and much wiser sister, I break my own rules for the sake of my family.

He’s the exact opposite of me: Serious, detached and arrogant. Did I mention that he looks like he should be on a billboard for a cologne ad in the middle of Times Square, or the sexy way he botches up my name in his German accent? Well, he does…but I refuse to relent, remaining committed to my plan. Strictly business, no emotions involved, and nobody will get hurt…until nobody turns into somebody I find myself needing more than I ever thought possible.

What do you do when a one-night stand turns into so much more than you bargained for? And how do you stop one lie that’s getting bigger each time you’re with him from caving everything in around you? I know in the end someone is going to get hurt, but I’m powerless to stop it. And for him…I think I may be willing to have my heart broken all over again.

5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

Beth is one of my go to authors.  I don’t need to rad the blurb to know whether or not I am going to read it.  If she writes it, I am reading it.  She never disappoints.  I have read every single one of her books.  Each one different and unique I their own way, and I have loved them all.  My favorite character of her is from the first book that I read of hers.  Dailan O’Maley will almost be my number one.  So when Beth told me that Lukas reminds her of my love, I could not wait to get my hands on this book.  And she was not wrong.  Lukas is a broody, complicated alpha male who I loved.  

Emme and Lukas had one amazing night together.  She is trying to move on from her past and the ex who cheated on her with her best friend. He has his walls up so high that t will d=be difficult for anyone to knock them down.  Their night together was supposed to be just that, one night. Until Emme finds out that he is her sister’s boss and her job more or less is in his hands.  That’s when her sister comes up with a plan, one that Emme is reluctant to go slong with, but knows she needs to do this for her sister.  What happens when a one-night stand becomes more? When walls are broken down and secrets are being kept?  When the lies come to the surface, will Emme and Lukas’ relationship be able to survive it all?

I loved watching their relationship develop.  Slowly Lukas’ walls came down and I loved to see how they fell for each other.  In a way I think they both held each other heal. He is broody and angry and so complicated but I loved him.  I loved Emme and felt for her as well.  I felt like she was there for her sister but was so conflicted with what was going on. Her feeling for Lukas becoming real and so much more than she expected.  I felt the connection that they and just waited for that moment when things would become even more complicated.  And when that moment does come, you will not be disappointed. Sometimes you wait for the climax of the book, whether you know it’s coming or not.  And when it does come, it was sort of anti-climatic.  But don’t worry, Beth Rinyu once again delivers!!

As always once I started reading I could not put this book down.  Ms. Rinyu knows how to draw you in, make you love her characters, and fell like you are on pins and needles, waiting for the other shoe to drop, knowing that when it does it will be emotional.  Once again she has proven why I love her writing.  She is an amazingly talented author whose words always manage to touch me in some way.  When I read her books, I am left with a book hangover and characters that I will not forget. And The Night We Met is no different. I cannot wait for the next one.  

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