Thursday, July 25, 2019

Review: Whatever Happens by Micalea Smeltzer

Violet Page is having a rough time. This former popular girl is lost. Her parents uproot everything after her younger sister’s suicide, moving states away to escape the lingering pain of loss. She doesn’t fit in anywhere, but finds herself strangely drawn to the boy she watches view the world through a telescope. 

Finnley Crawford isn’t your typical boy next door. Being autistic has always set him apart from kids his age. None of them quite knows how to approach him or interact, leaving him only one friend in the form of his support dog. His lack of friendships lead him to a unique love of space and aspirations of one day reaching the stars. For in the stars, he sees a peace and beauty he can’t find on Earth. 

The more time these two seemingly opposite teenagers spend together, the more they learn it isn’t what’s on the outside that counts. So much can be found on the inside if you only care to look.

4.5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

Whatever Happens is a beautifully written story about love, friendship and so much more.  It is a friendship between two young adults who are opposites n a lot of ways, but yet alike at the same time.  Life isn’t always about what is on the outside, it’s the inside that also counts.  And Finn and Violet learn that as their friendship begins and starts to blossom into more.  

Violet Page has been struggling lately.  After her little sister’s suicide, her parents pick up and move, hoping to escape the pain that their loss has left.  Violet was the popular girl in school, a cheerleader who had a lot of friends. But after her sister’s death, things changed, and it seems that so did her friends.  Violet does not want to be that girl any more.  Maybe it’s because right now she is just going through the motions, or after losing her sister she really sees what her sister was going through, the pain that she lived with.  But then she meets Finn and he changes so much for her.  

Finn is the boy next door, who does not have friends.  When he walks down the hallways, he is the kid that other student make fun of, think is weird.  But Violet befriends him and sees what an amazing person he is.  He’s cute, and fun and she loves hanging out with him.  As time goes on she starts feeling a little more than friendship, but s afraid to cross that line.  Finn is different, being autistic, he sees things differently than other people. Violet is not sure what to do with her feelings or how Finn feels.  She just knows that she is falling for the boy next door and she is not sure what comes next!!  

I love this book.  It deals with a topic that I don’t think enough people write about.  It is not something that authors approach as a subject for a book, at least not that I have seen.  Micalea handled it perfectly and in such a beautiful way.  I loved the friendship between Finn and Violet.  I loved their connection and how well they got along and understood each other.  You could see and feel how much they meant to each other and how they helped each other emotionally.   It was so beautiful to watch their friendship start and turn into so much more.  I think my only issue was that the beginning was a little slow and I wanted a little more background story where Finn was concerned, but otherwise I loved it.  A wonderful job by Ms. Smeltzer.  

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