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Bohemian Law by Misty Walker

Title: Bohemian Law
Series: Traveler Book 1
Author: Misty Walker
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 18, 2019

I saw her for the first time dancing by the fire.
With her arms high above her head, and her plump lips singing along,
I thought I’d never seen a woman more alive.
Completely opposite of me.
Repetition, consistency, and control have left my life without meaning.
But then there was Theodora.
Keeping me on my toes and forcing me to have new experiences.
The only problem with capturing a wild creature is
they were always meant to live free.

I saw him for the first time sitting on a rock, spying on me like a creeper.
With a perpetual scowl that didn’t even break when I took my clothes off,
I thought I’d never seen a man more serious.
Completely opposite of me.
In my world, chaos is a certainty and laws are bendable, if not breakable.
But then there was Lawrence.
The only problem with trying to shake up his world is
I don’t always know when to quit.

4.5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

This is the first book that I have read by Misty Walker and I cannot wait to read more from her.  This book was captivating and from the moment I started reading I did not want to put it down.  It is a love story between two people who could not be more opposite from each other.  It explores a lifestyle that I have yet to see written about.  And I loved it!!

Law is a businessman who is anal in so many ways.  He wants all aspects of his life to be in perfect order, from his home, to his job and even his love lie. Seeing Thea that day completely knocks him off his feet.  She is his opposite in every way, but you know what they say about opposites.  And in this instance it is the complete truth.

Thea is a beautiful, carefree, wild and sassy girl with a big heart.  When they first meet, Law is completely taken aback by her.  She is this beautiful woman who is dancing in a way that makes him feel things he doesn’t want to be feeling.  He knows that this girl can turn his life upside down, but a part of him doesn’t care.  He leaves her that day and if they were meant to be then fate would step in and bring them to each other again, which it does.  

Thea had lived a life that is so different from Law.  She grew up living the Romani life, which means her, and her family never stay in one place.  They are more or less gypsies, which is so far from how Law grew up.  He way of life is not something that he understands or agrees with, but there is one thing he knows for sure.  He cannot get this woman out of his mind.  

They have many obstacles that they both face.  But when they are together, it seems that nothing else matters.  Thea is exactly what Law needs in his life.  She is the storm that came into his life unexpected and made him live life a little.  She relaxes him, makes him feel free and she accepts his little quirks and his obsessiveness.  Together they balance each other out and are truly a perfect match.  

I loved everything about this book.  Law was a little anal at times, maybe too anal form me but he was also very sexy and sweet.  I loved Thea and while she tried so hard to help in her own way it always seemed to backfire on her.  The banter between them made me laugh, and they just felt like they clicked from the start.  It felt like they knew each other longer than they did.  They just eased into this friendship and relationship that seemed so natural and genuine.  

Misty Walker knows how to grab you from the start.  I loved that she wrote what made it even better was her falling for the guy that you would least expect.  I cannot wait to read more from this author and hoping that we see more of these characters in the future.  

Tricia Bartley #AuthorStalker - “Y'all, this book consumed my life for several days!!!! Truthfully, I finished several days ago and I am still thinking about it.”
Book Boyfriend Whoarder Mari - “A captivating story of opposites not only attracting but imploding in the best way possible.”
Goodreads Review - “Wow! What a unique, captivating, eye opening experience that was!”

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