Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Review: Fixing You by Roya Carmen

A steamy New Adult contemporary romcom set in Seattle. Previously published as 'His Fixer-Upper' on Wattpad. 2.3 million reads!!!

Librarian Kirsten Beals is bookish, serious, and a little set in her ways. Her neighbor, tech wiz Ethan Fox, is her polar opposite; charming, smooth and playful. And she absolutely cannot stand him. But when Kirsten's long-time boyfriend Logan dumps her cold, Kirsten and Ethan team up to show Logan just exactly what he'll be missing.

As Ethan works to sexy-up Kirsten, he comes to see her in a completely new light, and realizes there's more to her than nerdy glasses. And as he teaches her the ways of seduction, Kirsten realizes Ethan also has a secret identity of his own, and might not quite be the arrogant immature womanizer she thought he was. 

Author's note: this is a steamy romance and contains sexual scenes. 18+ Fixing You is a standalone novel, and part of the YOU collection of summer romances. This is a short novel at 55k words.

3.5 stars
Review by Lisa Kane

Kirsten Beals is a quirky librarian who thinks her boyfriend Logan is finally going to pop the question. Turns out he is dumping her for Lisa, his yoga instructor. He's the only one she's been with and she's pretty much godsmacked by the whole thing.

Kirsten lives with her mother, a rich, romance writer. Her mom is fun loving, beautiful and lives life to the fullest. She can't believe Logan broke things off, but thinks Logan wasn't good enough for her anyway. She comes up with a plan for Kirsten-one of their neighbors is Ethan Fox, a young, gorgeous, rich entrepreneur. He's Kirsten's nemesis. She thinks poorly of this player. Is he hot? You bet, but he just rubs her the wrong way.

When her mom invites Ethan over for dinner, she doesn't bother to filter her conversation. She not only blurts out that Kirsten was dumped, but she could use a little help in getting back on the saddle again. Ethan's not exactly immune to Kirsten's unique charms. And Kirsten, well she's not disinterested.

Things get steamy between these two and Kirsten discovers lots of naughty things about herself. It's strictly friends with benefits with them, right? Of course the uncomplicated becomes complicated.

I've read most of Roya Carmen's stories. They are full of angst and heartbreak and they will put you through the wringer. I love that! But Fixing You had a different feel to it. I just couldn't connect to these characters. Kirsten made my head spin, she would want Ethan and then move on, then think about how Logan used to look and want Ethan again.

The writing in Fixing You is different than that of Ms. Carmen's other works. Her other books are so meaty and full of anguish and wonderfully layered story lines. This one just didn't work for me. But that would not stop me from jumping into her next venture.

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