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Release Blitz: Our Star Crossed Kissed by Piper Rayne

Release Date: October 13

She’s got two strikes against her.
Her name is Erickson and her parents own The Bagel Place.
It wasn’t always that way. When we were nine, we were best friends. But then a feud between our dads ripped their successful business apart—and my best friend was ripped away too.
Our paths were bound to cross again. When both our families vie for the same spot on a Food Channel’s reality show, the producers decide to change the format, aligning us as allies. 
In order to get our parents to agree to work together, Evan asks me to pretend to be her boyfriend, but I dare her to up the ante—be my fiancée. Fake fiancée… obviously.
As usual, I didn’t think things through. Turns out our parents have a lot of demands neither one of us expected.  And all those demands lead to things feeling more real than fake.

4.5 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

This is Seth and Evan’s story.  I think next to Dylan and Riann, this was the couple that I was really looking forward to.  I think the fact that they were once best friends turned enemies is what intrigued me the most.  There is so much animosity between their families and while these two appear to hate each, I think we all know that it is just the opposite for these star-crossed lovers.  


Evan has given up her dreams and basically any life she had to help her family run their bagel store.  It’s not where she saw herself at 29 years old, but her family means everything and right now they need her help. 


Seth is somewhat in the same position as Evan.  While he runs his own boudoir photographer business, he is also involved in his family business as well because of his brother.  While his dream is to  become a photographer, taking pictures of half-naked woman is not exactly what his plan was.  When an opportunity presents itself for both bagel shops to be on TV, Seth and Evan come together and form a plan, one that will hopefully help both shops and at the same time allow these two to step away from the family business and do what they want to do.  But is faking an engagement really going to help out their parents pr will it just cause a broken heart in the end?


Evan appears to hate Seth just as much as he hates her.  But that “hate” stems from the feud between their parents.  And I think from the beginning you could see that these two had anything but hate for each other.  They were once the best of friends, forced apart by their parents.  Evan may not want to get up early every morning to make bagels but regardless, she seems to handle it well.  She kind, sweet and just that type of heroine that you love.  


Seth is protective, sexy, fun and witty.  But there is so much more to him, and I loved that Piper and Rayne explored that deeper side to him.  He uses humor to push aside his emotions and trust me when you peel back those layers and see the more emotional side of Seth, you will fall for him even more.  I personally loved his sexy and witty banter.  It is who he is and one of the many reasons for loving him.  


Our Star-Crossed Kiss was perfectly written, and filled with humor, hotness and some emotional moments as well.  The rooftop gang is very much a part of this book.  I love seeing this group of friends come together, it is nothing but fun times.  So much so that you feel a part of their inner circle.  Seth and Evan were so good together.  You felt their connection from the start.  And regardless of how they were supposed to feel towards each other, you knew that the connection they had long ago was still there and was now more than just feelings of friendship.  They just both had a hard time admitting it for fear that it wasn’t reciprocated.  I love this series.  And if you love it as much as I do, you will love Seth and Evan together.  I cannot wait for Knox’s story!!

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