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Release Blitz: He Saw Me First Missy Johnson

Title: He Saw Me First
Series: Age & Innocence #1
Author: M Johnson
Genre: Age Gap Romance
Release Date: December 28, 2020


From across an empty lane in Paris, through my window, 
He saw me first. 
I stopped undressing . . . but only for a moment. 
The next night, he was waiting for me, in his expensive suit 
He sat there and watched. 
No participation. 
My only acknowledgement was the look of lust in his eyes. 
It continued until the night before I left, 
when I found a card under my door. 
No words. Just a number. So, I texted him. 
I’d never done anything like it before. 
It felt so dirty and wrong, but at the same time, I felt alive. 
He was much older than me, so intimidating and sexy. 
He made me feel things no man ever has. 
I was under his spell. 
The last thing I expected was to ever see him again... 

WARNING: While this book is best enjoyed going in blind, it does contain distressing themes that may upset some readers. If you think you might be one of those readers please see my author review on Goodreads for specific triggers.

4 Stars
Review by Jen Skewes

Holy hotness!!  I did not expect this book to be at the level of sexy that it was!  If you love an age-gap forbidden romance that is head in the freezer to cool you off hot, with a little bit of suspense added to it, then this book is for you.  


Lexi is in Paris for a cousin’s wedding. She has always been the good girl, the girl who has never been wild.  When her friends tells her to take advantage of being in the most romantic place in the world, she never expected to listen to her.  Until she finds herself undressing in front of her hotel room window, while a sexy stranger across the way watches her.  And if that was not wild enough for her, she lets said stranger come into her room and do things to her that she never imagines.  By far being the hottest night of her life.  A year later and she is till thinking of that night and the nameless man who rocked her world that night.  She never expected to see him again, even if a small part of her hoped that she did.  And lucky for her she runs into him again, except learning who he really is, completely ruins all thoughts of being with him.  She knows his name is Dominic ad she also knows that he is now off limits. 


Dominic and Lexi have amazing chemistry. The spark between them has been ignited once again.  The passion is completely on fire.  And the chemistry palpable.  They cannot ignore what is between them.  But they know that being together can hurt someone.  Will they give in to the desire and find a way to make it all work?  


I devoured this book.  Dominic is seriously sex on a stick.  He knows how to please a woman and at the same time how to melt your heart.  Hearing his reasons for leaving that night in Paris and understanding why he needs Lexi will tug at your heart strings.  Lexi was a sweet girl who completely let loose when she was with Dominic.  That had such an amazing connection, which is why I loved this book.  These two were just perfect for each other and came into eac other’s life at the right time.  


There was one person that I did not trust at all and was waiting for the moment when I would see the exact reason why I did not trust them.  But I honestly did not see things going the way that they did.  Oh My God!!  That twist shocked me.  


This book had it all/. Hot and sexy, filled with drama, a bit f angst and suspense.  I think my only issues is while Lexi and Dominic were perfect together, I wanted a little more from them emotionally.  I wanted to see more of that emotional connection.  But I loved it!!!


$2.99 for a limited time!


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Stopping outside the restaurant, Nate takes my hand and tugs me closer until our bodies touch. His eyes darken as he twists a loose strand of hair behind my ear before pulling me in for a soft, but persuasive kiss. 
“Why would I be nervous? I’m just a friend meeting your dad,” I remind him. 
“A friend with benefits.” 
“Not that many benefits,” I retort, playfully slapping his arm. 
His hand slides effortlessly from around my waist as he holds the restaurant door open for me. I walk inside and then let him take the lead. 
“There he is—far back table,” Nate murmurs. 
When I look up, I see his dad and I can’t breathe. 
I stop dead in my tracks in the middle of the restaurant, unable to tear my gaze away from him. He stares right back at me, his expression unfaltering, the only reaction I get is a flicker of recognition in his eyes, which is enough for me to be certain that he remembers who I am. 
It’s almost a year to the day since our night in Paris, but I can still remember every tiny detail like it was yesterday—his soft touch, his warm breath against my thighs, the feel of his mouth as it pressed against my clit… everything about that night is instilled in my mind because it’s all I think about. 
“Are you okay?” 
Startled, I look at Nate when he touches my arm. 
Heat creeps into my cheeks as I try to gather my composure, but there’s no denying I’m a mess. I’m about to have dinner with my boyfriend’s father, who just so happens to be the same man who watched me strip in front of my hotel window in Paris nearly a year ago. 
The same man I invited to my room, who slid his cock so deep inside my core, who made me orgasm so many times I lost count. The man I’ve dreamt over and over about finding again, just to feel even the slightest shred of what I felt that night. And now I need to walk over there, sit my ass down and pretend we’ve never met, all while remembering how incredible his tongue felt as it glided over my slit. 
No, I’m not fucking okay. 
“Relax, Lex.” Nate’s soft voice hums in my ear. He coaxes me forward, mistaking my hesitation as nerves over meeting his father. “You’ll be fine. I promise he doesn’t bite.” 
Oh, I promise you he does.


Releasing February 1



A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author under the pen name Missy Johnson, Michelle has recently ventured over to the dark side with her debut dark romance novel, He Saw Me First. 
Michelle lives in a small town in Victoria, Australia with her husband and young daughter. 
When she’s not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

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