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Review Tour: Goldilocks by Jay Crownover

For Olivia Adams, the world has always been too big or too small. 
Forced to live her life caught between what she wanted for herself and the unfair choices and crazy obsession of those around her for as long as she could remember, Ollie has always felt confined and trapped. It was hard for her to imagine a future beyond the crushing control of those who wanted to make sure she paid the price for her role in a tragic accident that ruined several young lives. However, having no hope and living in a constant state of fear never stopped Ollie from dreaming of different ways to break free and how to reunite with the one person who always made her feel safe. Huck is the only one who ever made her feel like there was a place in his world, right by his side, that would fit her just right. 

The world has always forced Huck Snyder to be a guy who runs either too hot or too cold.
Unwanted and barely tolerated, his temper burned hot and bright, often leading him into trouble. After the accident, he was tossed out, disowned, and forced to fend for himself. Struggling to survive, Huck quickly realized the only way he would make it was to freeze out every single memory and moment from his past. Especially those surrounding Ollie. He allowed his heart to harden into a block of ice and refused to let anyone close enough to melt it. Years have passed, and Huck has adjusted to the constant cold that permeates through his new life. He was in no way prepared for the only girl who could ever control his inner fire to show back up. Ollie is on the run and doesn't seem to mind the chilly reception she receives when she shows up unannounced on Huck's doorstep.
Fire and ice no longer define Huck because when he's with Ollie, it's easy to remember that the temperature between the two of them has always been just right.

3 Stars

Review by Trinette Dungee

Two brothers, one the prodigal son, one the bastard son, both under a spell by the same girl. 

Olivia Adams, with her golden curly locks, just wants to find a place in the world where she fits. Growing up on an estate where her mother worked for the very affluent Richman family, she enjoyed the perks of a roof over her head, food in her belly and the best school, but she was not a true part of that world. What helped her get through her early years was Huck Snyder, the illegitimate son of Mr. Richman. He was her best friend, at least he was until the day she chose his half-brother Sawyer. A choice that proved to be the worst mistake of her life, and kept her under the thumb of an unstable, obsessive control freak. Ollie has finally managed to break away from Sawyer and she runs straight to Huck, but the Huck she once knew is long gone and this new version wants nothing to do with her. 

Huck Snyder has spent his entire life as an outsider. Abandoned by his mother, he was raised in his father’s home alongside his half-brother who envies him and hates him. His stepmother resents him and hates him. His father simply ignores him. The only person that’s ever made him feel worthy is Ollie. While he’s always served as her protector, she’s what kept him grounded. Until the day when an almost fatal accident has her choosing Sawyer over him. Cast away from the only home he’s ever known, Huck spends the next few years building his new life. He’s estranged from his blood family, but he’s found another family the fits him better. He has done everything he could to move on with his life and his past until Ollie shows up on his doorstep. 

I’m not a fan of love triangles, or angst and this book kind of had both. The triangle in this book is slightly different because you really only experience two-thirds of the triangle. The final third of the triangle is mostly referred to. This was a quick read, but I struggled a bit with it because it wasn’t quite what I thought it was going to be, or what I’m used to from Jay Crownover, but that’s more of a “me” thing and has nothing to do with Jay. While I figured it wouldn’t be like her other series, I thought it might be more along the lines of “Recovered”. It wasn’t too far off from it though. 

It’s not often the title of a book has much of an impact on me regarding the storyline, but for this particular one…the two just didn’t fit for me. The storyline in general was pretty good, and I was immediately sucked in; but at some point, it took a bit of a turn that didn’t quite hold my interest.  The story starts off with Ollie tracking Huck down and attempting to become a roommate in a house that he shares with his best friend and Huck’s total disdain for her due to an incident in their past. He insists that her presence is nothing good and can put them all in danger; and that fine, because it gives way to the element of mystery. 

Then there's Ollie, who is determined to make amends with Huck, and basically insinuates that she’s afraid for her life. Again, totally fine because that adds to the mystery. Where it gets difficult for me is the revelation of the big incident and the domino effect it has- specifically Ollie; it’s like Huck’s attitude towards her changes too quickly and things kind of happen at a rapid speed from that point on. I liked the “who-done-it” element of the story line, but I felt like the resolution and ending were a bit rushed. 

I actually liked the characters. I immediately connected to Huck and I felt like the chemistry between he and Ollie was really good (even when Huck was hating on her), and I was happy that it was told from both the POV's of Huck and Ollie. Something I always enjoy, are the supporting characters that contribute to the storyline and are interesting enough that you begin to wonder about their back story. Definitely loved Vernon. Harlnn seemed like a pretty interesting guy, but I could have used a little more background on him. I’m even curious about the former roommate Fisher. I wasn’t all that crazy about Ollie’s friend Mercer, but she wasn’t horrible. 

I’m a big Jay Crownover fan, and I think I’ve read pretty much all of her books. While this isn’t my favorite, I still enjoyed it.

Something that gave me much amusement throughout the book, and I’m not sure if it was intentional or not but; Huck, and his brother Sawyer…. mortal enemies. Tom Sawyer, and Huckleberry Finn…. best buds.


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