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Release Blitz: Love Stories by Samantha Young


Brother's best friend, enemies-to-lovers, second-chance romance... this collection has it all!

Love Stories: A Novella Collection by Samantha Young is now live!


A collection of contemporary romance novellas from New York Times Bestselling Author Samantha Young.

This volume includes novellas previously only available exclusively to newsletter subscribers. They have now been collated into this romantic collection of modern love stories.

The Forbidden Christmas Gift:
It's Christmas at Shaw's Department store in Edinburgh! Reid Shaw should feel nothing but gratified by his success. But he's not satisfied because the sexy Scot wants forbidden fruit for Christmas: Evan Munro. Reid's Evan's boss. He's thirteen years older than her.
Oh ... and she's his best friend's little sister.

New Year's Eve:
After Ryan drunkenly kisses the object of her crush, Joe--her sister's father-in-law-- at his son's birthday party, all she wants to do is avoid Joe for the rest of eternity. But when they find themselves stranded alone together on New Year's Eve, Ryan discovers Joe most definitely doesn't want to avoid Ryan...

Loving Valentine:
Micah Green has loved Valentine Fairchild for over ten years; ever since they were kids brought together by Micah's difficult family life. Too many outside factors have gotten in their way, pushing them further apart over the years. But Micah, no matter how hard he tries, can't forget her. When he finds a way to see her again, he realizes he's wasted too much time loving Valentine from afar. Now he just has to convince her to let go of their past so they can move on with their future. Together.

Ember in the Heart:
Loosely Inspired by Pride & Prejudice.
When Ember Bonet overhears her sister's fiancé's best friend uttering rude remarks about the Bonet sisters at the engagement party, she instantly dismisses him as a pretentious man-child. Then said man-child, Foster Darwin, moves into the house next door along with his five-year-old daughter, making him hard to ignore.
Foster can't believe his best friend, Colt, omitted to tell him the spinsterish Bonet sisters live in the house next door to his new home. Problem is, Ember Bonet is anything but spinsterish. From the moment they met, Foster has fought an overwhelming attraction to her. An attraction he has no time for. Not only is he determined to prioritize his daughter Georgie, he can't fail his own father again. And Edward Darwin has made it clear that Foster must settle down with the right woman. Unfortunately, his family's idea of 'right' isn't the sexy massage therapist next door who's eleven years his senior.
Determined to keep her distance from Foster, Ember fails when it becomes clear he and Georgie need support in their new life together. But proximity to one another is too great a temptation, and physical chemistry soon turns into so much more. If only Ember could get over their age difference and Foster his family pride...

4.5 Stars 

Review by Lisa Kane

Love Stories is a collection of small stories by Samantha Young all with a bit of spice and spark.  

First up is The Forbidden Christmas Gift. Evan has been in love with her big brother Patrick's best friend, Reid from the time she discovered she had hormones. But twelve years separates them and although Reid is protective of her, he has no romantic interest in her. But once Evan grew up, she thought Reid would come to see her as a woman, not a child. 

Reid is successful, ambitious and avoids commitments. He puts his business before his relationships and focuses on woman who want him for the material things he can give them, not for any long term basis. Evan has a job at Reid's business but things are still not going anywhere with them. That is until Reid sees Evan dressed as a sexy little Santa's helper in his department store. He's seeing red and it's not Santa's costume. 

Cute story, lusty and sweet. 

Next is New Year's Eve

Ryan has had a secret crush on her little sister Shaw's father-in-law, Joe. He's forty and she's sixteen years younger. He's dated beautiful woman over the last few years and Ryan knows there can never be anything between them. She's embarrassed about her behavior at Joe's Christmas party. She can't face him again. 

Fate steps in and throws a distraught Ryan alone with Joe. Maybe Joe isn't as indifferent to Ryan as she thought. This was a hot, steamy read. 

Loving Valentine is the third story in the collection. Micah is a smart kid, but has an alcoholic mother who took off weeks ago without paying the utilities. He's determined to finish high school, but working part time isn't going to cut it with the bills. Caroline, a child hood friend of his mother's shows up. She's well to do, has followed Micah's mom's ups and downs and is furious at the situation. She tells Micah he's coming home with her. Fortunately, her husband Jim is just as kind hearted and welcomes him. They have a daughter a year younger than Micah's 16. Valentine is her name and at his first look at her, Micah is smitten. 

Caroline is hard on her daughter. She smothers Valentine and no matter how hard she tries, she can not come up to her mother's standards. Meanwhile, Micah excels at his new school. These two dance around each other for years, each wanting the other, but neither having the courage to admit it. 

Loving Valentine spans a decade, following the two as they grow up, grow apart and distantly long for the other. This one has a little bit of angst and I loved it!

The last story is Ember in the Heart. This one is a play on the Pride and Prejudice theme. Ember has five sisters, is in her mid thirties and has never married. Her parents died and it was up to her to raise her sisters. She owns a successful spa and massage business, is fiercely independent and is just plain lovely. 

Foster comes from a privileged background, is twenty five years old and has custody of his five-year-old daughter, Georgie. The child's mother has just taken a job in Paris and she left it to Foster to take care of their daughter. Foster is driven and is in business with Ember's future brother-in-law, Colt. Ember and Foster had a run in at the engagement party for Jade and Colt. Their next meeting occurs when Foster moves in next door. Yep, that's right. He's Ember's new next door neighbor. Yay....

Foster may be attracted to Ember, but she is unsuitable for a relationship with him. His parents hold high expectations for him, he failed them once when he got Georgie's mother pregnant when he was twenty, he can't let them down again. He may be successful, but his net worth is no where near what he stands to inherit from his parents. 

You get the picture for the story. Back and forth (and a little "in and out"!) and lots of conflict. Foster drove me nuts with his stubborn snobby views, but Ember is a woman worth the risk of losing it all. 

All in all, each story was unique and colorful. A great read! 

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Samantha is the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of over fifty books, several of which have been nominated for Goodreads Choice Awards. She writes adult contemporary and paranormal romance, YA urban fantasy and YA contemporary fiction. Her books have been published in 31 countries. She resides in Scotland.

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