Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Release Blitz: Devil's Redemption by Natasha Knight

Title: Devil's Redemption
Series: Devil's Pawn Duet #2
Author: Natasha Knight
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: March 15, 2022



Just when I was beginning to trust my husband, he betrayed me.

Just when I thought I was falling in love he showed me the beast he truly is.

I understand his thirst for revenge. But I don’t want to play this game of pawn and puppet master.

No matter how his hands make my heart race and my body crave his devil’s touch, I won’t give in.

I love his daughter.

But I can’t let myself fall in love with her father.


I have exactly what I want. Revenge.

Soon everything the Bishops have will be mine.

But it will cost me more than I bargained.

Isabelle Bishop hates me. As she should.

I know what I am. And now she does too.

But falling in love with my wife was never part of my plan.

5 stars
Review by Jen Skewes

I completely devoured this book in one day.  When it was all over I didn't know what to do with myself, which made me regret reading it so quickly. But I could not help myself.  This books was just that good!!  



Devil's Redemption is the conclusion to Jericho and Isabelle's dark and steamy love story.  their story was one filled with revenge, hatred, and very raw and intense moments.  I wasn't sure if I loved or hated Jericho.  Actually, that's not really true, I loved him even though at times I hate him.  I saw beneath the hard exterior, the hatred he had for her family and saw a man who had a heart whether he wanted to admit it or not.  


If you thought that this book would be more rainbows and unicorns and less darkness, you thought wrong.  these two still had to work through a lot to get to their happily ever after.  We know that they were both falling for each other, but the biggest issue between the two of them was trust. And with those trust issues came a lot of dark moments, but there were also the moments they made you see how perfect they were for each other.  how Isabelle brought out a side of him that he never expected.  And yes she brought out the dark Sid of him, but at the same time she was his light.  And that is what I loved.  


Devil's Redemption is about Isabelle and Jericho not only finding their happy ending but learning to trust each other and be able to navigate the good with the bad.  How to come together and figure out who are their enemies and who are their friends.  And that is where their trust for one another become so important.  


I don't want to go into any more detail because you just need to experience this book without knowing anything else.  What I can say, is that this book is just as dark, raw,  intense and well dare I say steamy as the first.  This is Natasha Knight we are talking about, so what else can one expect.  It’s the very reason why I have loved whey book of hers that I have read.  She knows how to write dark romance in a way that takes you out of your comfort zone but not too much where you bear to read further.  She know how to question your own morals and sanity because somehow she makes you fall for the monster in the story, the anti-hero.  And I can tell you that I fell hard for Jericho!!!  So, If you love all of the above then this duet is for you.  Jericho will test your limits.  Isabelle will frustrate you to no end but at the same time you will admire her strength.  Jericho will hold onto your heart no matter how much you claim to hate him.  And together you will see just how perfect they are.  I loved every minute of this series.  A must read for sure.  






Natasha Knight is the USA Today Bestselling author of Romantic Suspense and Dark Romance Novels. She has sold over half a million books and is translated into six languages. She currently lives in The Netherlands with her husband and two daughters and when she’s not writing, she’s walking in the woods listening to a book, sitting in a corner reading or off exploring the world as often as she can get away.

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