Monday, July 4, 2022

Release Blitz for Sawyer Bennett's Gage

★★ NEW Hockey Romance from Sawyer Bennett ★★

Summer just got a whole lot hotter!! Gage: A Pittsburgh Titans Novel is available NOW from Sawyer Bennett —a whole THREE WEEKS earlier than originally scheduled! See what early reviewers are saying about Gage:


This book filled my bucket!

An absolutely outstanding read!

Meet the absolute heartthrob who is Gage Heyward! Read the first THREE chapters of Gage: 

And then grab your copy of Gage, a standalone hockey romance featuring a perfectly swoonworthy book boyfriend and the fierce woman fighting to overcome past trauma who steals his attention.





Buy the digital and signed paperback direct from Sawyer Bennett:
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Still need a little convincing? Here’s the blurb to get you game ready:

Veteran player Gage Heyward retired from the league following a successful career. Now the Titans need him, but does he have what it takes to get back on the ice and pull this team together?

After achieving the goals I set for myself, I walked away from my professional hockey career. It was a tough decision, but the right one at the time. When the Titans organization approached me about joining the team they were rebuilding following a devastating plane crash, I felt a passion for the game and a competitive spirit I hadn’t felt in years. The opportunity to make a huge difference to a lot of people spoke to me, and I accepted their offer and headed to Pittsburgh without a second thought.

Jenna Holland is also new to town, having moved from Phoenix to Pittsburgh to take a job with the Titans. Her past has left her with scars—both physical and emotional—and she’s slow to trust others. But the more I learn about Jenna, the more I want to know. The more I need to know. Because the beautiful blonde with honey gold eyes and a wall around her heart has me enamored.

My game on the ice is the best it’s ever been, but it’s my game off the ice I’m focused on these days. Because while Jenna may not be willing to take a chance, I know the potential is there for something big. Something life changing. Now I just need to convince her to take the shot.

Trinette Dungee's 4 Star Review!

Who says nice guys finish last? Gage Heyward most definitely does not!!

Devastated by the plan crash that killed the majority of the Pittsburgh Titans like the rest of the hockey world, Gage agrees to come out of retirement to help rebuild the team. As the weeks go on, the team is coming together, Gage is becoming more and more familiar with his new surroundings, and he’s proving to be one of the leaders of the team management thought he would be. The one place he is struggling -Jenna Holland. Surviving a vicious fire has left her visibly scarred, and she’s determined to keep herself hidden from Gage and everyone else. But, Gage is just as, if not more determined than Jenna is to truly get to know her, be her friend, or possibly more. 

Jenna Holland has landed a job with the Pittsburgh Titans and she is taking the biggest leap of her life. She’s making the bold move from Phoenix, Arizona to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She’s moving away from the security of her family and everything she knows. Baring the scars from a fire, she’s lived her life in the comfort and seclusion of her home. This new job will have her exposing herself by being face to face with people again; but even though she finds herself out in public more, she still manages to hide. That is, until Gage Heyward enters her life and doesn’t allow her to hide any more, not behind closed doors, not behind a computer screen, not behind her hair, and most definitely not from herself. 

Gage was a quick read with characters that were completely likable. Right now, this series is giving up some pretty likable and nice men, but Gage really takes the cake. This guy seemed to just get people and how to handle them, even when he wasn’t sure. What I liked about him with Jenna, is that he was straight forward. Okay, maybe in the beginning he stumbled a little, but once he gained his footing, he pursued Jenna in such a way that she really had no choice but give in!! He let her know up front he was not put off by her scars, he saw beyond them and anything he wanted to know about them he asked. He pushed her out of her comfort zone without being aggressive about it. 

I was a little shocked (in a good way), in Jenna’s character. I expected her to be written with a huge amount of resistance and insecurities, but she wasn’t. Although she did resist Gage in the beginning, and she struggled with her insecurities, Jenna was fun and witty, and sexy! I loved her sense of humor too. I love banter and the banter between these two was enjoyable. 

Jenna’s not the only person with issues that Gage attempts to help. Along with Baden, and Stone he lets troubled teammate Coen know he’s there to help him in any way he can. Seriously, this guy is so nice and so lovable it’s crazy! But even the nicest guy has buttons that can be pushed, and Coach Keller managed to push Gage’s buttons. Each book has shown us that the Titans coach is a real butthead, and he manages to put the final nail in his own coffin with remarks about Jenna. I’m pretty sure Gage reaction had me screaming out loud “YES!”.  

I am loving these Titan Men and I can’t wait for the rest of them!! I don’t typically read the blurbs of books in a series; I like reading a book and seeing trying to figure out who the next book will be about and what their storyline might be about. I’m pretty much slapping my own hands to keep from reading Coen’s blurb. If Gage is the good guy/angel on your left shoulder, then Coen is the bad boy devil on your right. Reading about Coen in the previous books and especially Gage’s book had two things going through my mind. 1. It’s not just the guilt of not being on that plane and losing his team, it’s who in particular did he lose in that crash? That becomes very evident a conversation he has with Gage and Stone about the crash. 

“It would do no good. My chances of redemption went down with that plane, and without it, I can’t be on this team.” Could he be more cryptic, and could I be any more confused? “What was on that plane?” Stone asks, but I’m thinking that should be a who was on that plane. 

2. This man’s story is going to gut me. 

While she’s not a player, the team owner Brienne also has me intrigued. Based on her first encounter with Drake, I’m wondering if she will be the one in his story?  I guess only time will tell. 

If I could add one thing to this story it would be some sort of redemption for Jenna with her ex. Other than that, this was a quick read with a feel good vibe from beginning to end. 

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