Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Release Blitz: Ruined Kingdom by Natasha Knight

Title: Ruined Kingdom
Series: Ruined Kingdom Duet #1
Author: Natasha Knight
Genre: Dark Mafia/MFM Romance
Release Date: November 1, 2022


Death. Loyalty. Lies.

I never imagined my first trip to Italy would be to bury my father.

But there I stood, in a beautiful cathedral, alone with my grief and my father’s casket, a handful of soldiers standing guard.

It never occurred to me that anyone, even our enemies, would disrupt the sanctity of the moment.

But the Caballero brothers have little regard for the church and even less for my family. They marched in weapons in hand and turned my world upside down.

They shattered what peace I had.
They desecrated my father’s body.
And they took what they wanted. What they felt they were owed. Me.

I’m a princess in a tower in a breathtaking villa.
My bedroom overlooks the turquoise sea, but the door is locked.

And if I ever hope to be free, I have to contend with not one but two dragons.

5 stars
Review by Jen Skewes

I always look forward to a Natasha Knight book. I have read many of her books and I have loved every one of them.  I know to expect a dark romance, but with each book there's still that shocking twist, the darkness then to a new level. The element of surprise is always there.  And not matter what I am always left questioning my sanity.  This book is no different.  Well actually I take that back, because it is very different.  I'll explain why in a minute.  


Amadeo and Bastian are brothers who for the past 15 years have been planning their revenge on the Russo family. When the head of the Russo family dies, they put their plan into motion.  They show up at his funeral and kidnap his daughter, Vittoria.  They have plans for her.  to them she is a means to an end.  They pawn in this vicious game they are playing. 


Vittoria has no idea what they want with her or who they even are.  She vaguely remembers that night so long ago.  Now she is being held captive but two brothers who want revenge.  the only concern of hers is her little sister.  She wants to make sure that she is safe.  And in order to do that she must obey the brothers. But she is a fighter and taking orders from Bastian and Amadeo is not easy. It is not in her nature to just sit back and take the abuse that they throw her way.  She will fight tooth and nail, but she also knows that in the end she will give in.  She has no choice.  She knows that they need her right now, but what happens when they get what they want?   What happens then?  Oh, I wish I knew.


I love Ms. Knight's books because of how well she writes a dark romance.  There are many times when she completely tests my limits with how dark it is.  They are never so over the top where I need to step away or put the book down, but yes there are moments that are darker than others. For me I think Ruined Kingdom wasn't as dark as I had expected but with that being said, Ms. Knight took this to a different level. 


Bastian and Amadeo both want revenge.  So, what that means is that Vittoria belongs to the both of them, in every way.  All I have to say is Bravo Ms. Knight!!  Because Oh My God, this book is scorching hot.  These two brothers had Vittoria squirming, hating herself for even reacting to them.  And I could totally understand why.  They both want the same thing but their ways of going about it are so different.  They are different in many ways but also the same.  I cannot wait to see how this all plays out.  


Once again we are left with a jaw dropping cliffhanger.  I am sensing that the second book may go in a darker direction than the first and I am all for it.  Because that ending!  Wow!!  Ruined Kingdom is everything that I love in a Natasha Knight book.  I loved the dynamic between the three of them.  I loved the intense and raw scenes, and we cannot forget those scene that will make you blush!!  Well done!!  I will patiently waiting for the conclusion, because I myself have no idea where this will go!!




Releasing November 15



Natasha Knight is the USA Today Bestselling author of Romantic Suspense and Dark Romance Novels. She has sold over half a million books and is translated into six languages. She currently lives in The Netherlands with her husband and two daughters and when she’s not writing, she’s walking in the woods listening to a book, sitting in a corner reading or off exploring the world as often as she can get away.

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