Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jules, The Bounty Hunter by Katie Ashley

“Fine. Here’s what my problem is. In the past week I was off the team, you never once came to see me. You didn’t tell me how stupid I was being or try to make me see that you were innocent. And you didn’t stand outside my window holding up a boom box and playing our song…you know, if we’d had one.” ~ Jules St. James

I had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of this book. 
Raised mostly by her father and her grandparents, Julianna St. James aka Jules isn’t your typical 16 year old girl. She is an Enforcement Officer otherwise known as a Bounty Hunter in Texas. Her father is the owner of Lonestar Bail Bonds . It is the family business and something she loves to do and she is good at it- although she isn’t allowed to do the actual take downs or bookings- she is very capable of incapacitating a full grown man in a matter of seconds.
Her dad is offered a big case to help apprehend a million dollar bail jumper in Florida and since Jules is too young to go along. Not only can’t she go along, he sends her to her mother’s (Annabel) house in Savannah, Georgia, her mother she hasn’t spoken to in years. Her mother that chose her high society, money loving, snobby family and friends over them. Pissed off and hurt she storms out of her house. Her dad goes to talk to her and lets her know that not only does she have to go but he also has a jumper he needs her to do footwork on and also gives her the opportunity to work with her cousin, Raye who just started his own bail bonds company.. The jumper she needs to gather intel on is one of Savannah’s high society males, Emmitt Marshall who is now a wanted man. Her dad doesn’t want her focusing on Emmitt; he wants Jules to get close to his son Jackson, who happens to be dating her cousin from hell, Bryn. Feeling a little better about the situation, she reluctantly goes.
Jules and her mom have a strained relationship and it doesn’t help that her mom is throwing her a party to introduce her to society. Jules is not a happy camper, she doesn’t do ball gowns, waltzing, fancy food. Her Aunt Vivian helps her through it all.
While doing her research she goes to visit with her cousin Raye, and there she meets his soon to be stepson Wyatt. Realizing she had no idea on how to flirt with Jackson and the complication of her cousin being his girlfriend, Wyatt and Jules come to an agreement. He will teach her how to be a flirt and she will teach him the ropes on becoming a Bond Enforcement Officer.
Friendships are formed, love is discovered and secrets are revealed and forgiveness is found. Jules finds herself having to make a choice to follow her heart or to follow the law…
Jules is a wonderfully written character she does have her teenage tendencies but has a great head on her shoulder. She is pretty, confident, smart and funny.

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