Friday, December 28, 2012

Review of Overwhelm Me by AC Marchman

Overwhelm Me

4.5 star review

I had the pleasure of receiving an ARC copy from the author for an honest review.  This is AC Marchman's debut novel and she did a fantastic job with her first novel. 

One morning while on her way to class, which she was also late for, she literally bumped into Donovan Callahan. All though it was a very brief encounter and no names were exchanged she could not get him out of her head all day. Later that night while at a bar with her friend,she is trying to erase the memory of the man she bumped into.  But that becomes very hard when he shows up at the bar.

Donovan Callahan, the man Allie cannot stop thinking about, is smart,rich and very sexy.  And he has not been able to get Allie of his mind all day either.  And when they see each other at the bar the attraction is instant and very intense.  They can't help the intense feelings they have for each other from the moment they met.  and it actually scares the two of them that they can feel this strongly about someone that they just met and know nothing about. 

Allie is such a likeable character and one that most woman can relate to.  She has had a very traumatic past that she has put behind her,  held her head up high and is being the best she can be and fulfilling her dreams to become a PA.

Donovan has had one girlfriend in his life and all one night stands.  Never having feelings for anyone like he has for Allie, and while it does scare him he is happy.  Donovan has a past and a family name that he feels he has always needed to live up to.  But with Allie that is all different, he can be himself with her. 

The author does a great job with character development and their background stories.  While there is still more to know about Donovan, we know enough to love him and ladies when you meet Donovan trust me, you will be swooning.  And there are some hot sex scenes as well.  This is a must read and the end will leave you wanting more. 

Will their pasts get in the way of them being happy, will they both be able to accept the strong feelings that they have for each other or will their fear and insecurities ruin what they have?  Find out on December 31st when this book is released.

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