Friday, December 7, 2012

Starfish and Coffee 5 stars

This books was amazing. Kele moon has done it again, which I'm really not surprised by because I love all her books. This book is about Alex and Matt, two men from opposite sides of the tracks who fall for each other in a way neither of them thought possible. Alex is a local on mirabella island and matt comes from a very wealthy family who spent many of summers on the island that alex lives on. Matt needed a break from his family before taking ove the family buisiness and decided to spend it on Mirabella Island working a a local diner. the place he meets Alex and the place where the two of them find love. Alex is gay but has not come out yet, out of fear of the reaction to the small town he lives in. and alex should not be in matt's thoughts at all, but something he cannot control. the books starts with Alex 6 yrs after his relationship with matt ended and you still see the heartache that he has been living with since then. and after matt appears on the island 6 yrs later Kele Moon goes back in time to when they first met. the love the to of them share is so emotional and so real. two hot men who are so connected. starting out as just a phase leads to so much more. it is such a heartwarming love story between two men, that is all very hot. and Kele does a great job with the characters stories as well as the other characters in the book, holly who is alex's best friend and his brother will. will these two be able to make it and live the happy life they deserve. will they be able to forgive and forget the hurt when they broker apart 6 yrs ago? you'll have to read to find out. such an amazing book and beautiful story. matty and lexie....sigh:)

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