Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review: Save the Date by Sadie Grubor

Save the Date  Book#1 Modern Arrangement series 

 Our 4 star review

A petite dark haired girl--wearing a tight blue t-shirt and tiny pair of sweat-shorts--danced around a small kitchen, singing loudly. The sight of her white socks, the kind with the stripes around the tops, made me smile wider.

I received an advance copy of Sadie Grubor’s Save the Date. This is the first novel in her Modern Arrangement series. Aidan comes from old money.  He holds a position of high esteem in his family’s business.  His grandfather is the patriarch of the family. His parents were killed when Aidan was ten and he was raised by his aunt and uncle.  His life has been a privileged one, and he has a tight knit group of friends.  Lilli’s life by comparison, has been anything but privileged. Her oft married mother is off finding herself in the Canadian wilderness, and her father suffers from serious cardiac problems. His health issues have been expensive and Lilli has assumed responsibility for the finances of her family. She works multiple jobs, her main one bartending, and attempts to juggle college classes in between.  Their paths cross when Aidan meets up with his friend from college, Derek, who happens to be Lilli’s roommate.

Months go by and Aidan and Lilli have become friends, and are part of the same circle of friends. Aidan’s life changes drastically when his grandfather suddenly dies.  All assume Aidan has been groomed to take over the reins of the company and few expect any surprises concerning the last wishes of his grandfather.  However, his grandfather has the last say and sets certain conditions for Aidan to secure his place at the company and to take possession of the 100 billion dollar inheritance.  Unable to break the iron clad will, Aidan resigns himself to the provisions laid out for him and sets in motion his plan to secure all that would be his.  Needless to say, Lilli has become a reluctant part of those plans.  Their relationship develops gradually.  Neither wishes to admit that there is a growing attraction to each other and they assume the mask of a business relationship is the glue that holds this couple together.  However, their inner thoughts hardly reflect that same relationship.

“You look nice…” Nice? She looks like I want to lick her from her ankles to nose with only a few stops along the way. 

Grubor’s novel is humorous and light hearted. This is an easy read with little angst but plenty of twists. Her characters are strong; pig headed and fit each other like halves to an orange.  If they could only see what those around them see. The secondary characters provide interesting offshoots of their own stories, and yet they naturally weave into the fabric of Aidan and Lilli’s journey. Be forewarned, this is a continuing series, with the next one planning to release shortly.  I for one am anxiously awaiting the next installment.

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