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Interview: Jake Wethers and Tru Bennett from the Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle

"Thank you both so much for meeting up with us today and taking time out of your busy schedules. We really  appreciate it, " Kristie says. (Lisa giggling like a teenager at the sight of Jake Wethers) "Let's get this show on the road, shall we? Congratulations on your engagement! Gorgeous ring!" 

Three Chicks:  How are the wedding plans coming along?

Tru: Thank you! The wedding plans are coming along well. Slow at first as I have no clue how to plan a wedding, but I’ve got Stuart helping me now so it’s all good!

Three Chicks:  Jake, music is such a big part of your life. Do you think at some point you will concentrate on running the record label and stop touring?

Jake:  At the moment I can’t see that ever happening. Being on stage, performing, is what I live to do. I’m not a permanent ‘behind the desk’ kind of guy, you know.

Three Chicks:  Tru, now that you tour with Jake, how do you handle the groupies?  Have there been any confrontations with any of Jake's past regulars?

Tru:  There’s been a few problems, not so much confrontations; Dave would never let anyone get close enough to me for that to happen! *laughs*  I have heard things said about Jake’s past. But I try to not let those things affect me. Jake and I are together now and that’s what matters.

Three Chicks:  Tru, do you ever worry that Jake will have a drug relapse? Especially if another major crisis were to occur?

Tru:  I try not to think on it too much. I trust Jake and believe in him when he says he has it under control.

Three Chicks:  Jake, do you worry about backsliding into drugs again?

Jake:  No. I just focus on keeping myself clean. If I sat worrying about using again then I’d probably end up using. Negative thoughts just can’t come into play with an ex-addict.

Three Chicks:  Jake, what would you do if you ever had to choose between your music and Tru?

Jake:  I’d choose Tru without hesitation. I lived a life without her in it once, when all I had was the music. I couldn’t do it again.

Three Chicks:  Is LA your home base now, how often do your visit Tru's parents?

Tru: It’s tricky at the moment, Jake is working a lot at the label and TMS are in the studio recording a new album so we haven’t really had chance to get back home. I’m hoping to get back home for a visit real soon though.

Three Chicks:  Jake:  At the concert in Stockholm when you stated,  "Ladies you look  beautiful tonight... and guys, well hang on tight to your girls is all  I'm saying," and then you chuckle.... We have to know, was that message directed towards Will? Even though he wasn't there to hear it? Tru, do you think he was giving you a warning? He did sing Undress You right after.

Tru: I’d never even thought about it! Were you? *looks at Jake*

Jake: *grins* What do you think?

Tru: I guess we have our answer ladies!

Three Chicks:  Jake, you admitted that it was too painful to keep in touch with Tru.  While in the States you found a guy version of Tru in Jonny. After his passing, why didn't you reach out to Tru? You know she would have been there for you.

Jake:  I’m going to sound like a real pussy saying this, but it was fear of the unknown. We’d been apart for so long. I didn’t know where she was in her life, and I was afraid that if I tried to make contact she would reject me. Losing Jonny was hard enough, and I knew I just didn’t have it in me to lose her all over again too. But Tru knows this, we’ve talked a lot about that time.

Three Chicks:  Tru, we know Jake was your best friend growing up. Did you guys ever kiss?

Tru:  No, we never did. We were just best friends.

Jake: Given half the chance I would have done though!

Three Chicks:  Jake, you knew Tru was in a relationship with Will and not just a relationship but a 2 year one at that. We realize that you have never been in a relationship but don't you think you were being a bit unreasonable with Tru?  Will flew out of his way to come and surprise her and you expect her to tell him within 10 minutes of being there that it  is over? Tru deserved SOME time to hang out and talk to him BEFORE dropping the bomb and by pressuring her you made things 10 times worse.  Put yourself in her shoes.


Jake:  Wow, you don’t pull any punches ladies! No, in all seriousness we don’t discuss that period in our lives anymore. It was a difficult time. A fuck load of emotions were flying around, and neither of us was thinking clearly. We both messed up a lot, but we’re leaving it where it belongs – in the past. Next question!

Three Chicks:  Tru, when your boss said "Well, we're all as clean as whistles my darling until men like him come along and dirty us right up." We know you didn't intend to cheat on Will but when did you realize what your boss said was true?

Tru:  In the club in Copenhagen when we were dancing.

Three Chicks:  Jake, favorite body part for Tru?

Jake:  All of her.

Three Chicks:  Tru, same question?

Tru:  Can I say the snake? *winks at Jake*

Three Chicks:  Jake, what do you love the most about Tru?

Jake:  There’s not one specific thing, it’s just all the little things that make Tru, Tru.

Tru:  Aww, baby! *kisses Jake on the cheek* Same goes for me.

Three Chicks:  Jake, you hadn't spoken to your father in years but his death seemed to hit you pretty hard, causing you to start using drugs again.  What made his death so hard?  Was it the fact that you weren't there when he died or that you had not had a real relationship with him?

Jake:  Neither. This is another thing I don’t talk about. All I’ll say is it was a lot to do with what I never got to say to him.

Three Chicks:  How do you think being engaged has changed your relationship?

Tru: It hasn’t really changed us. I guess if anything, it’s just brought us even closer together.

Three Chicks:  Tru, have you talked to Will?

*Jake shifts uncomfortably in his seat*

Tru:  No. I have no reason to talk to Will. And like Jake said before it’s all in the past, and we have a lot in our future to look forward to.

Three Chicks:  What is your favorite childhood memory with each other?

Jake: When we were thirteen we went swimming at Lumb Falls and Tru lost her bikini top. It was the highlight of my fucking year!

Tru: Jake! *shakes her head, laughing* Sorry ladies! Okay, well mine was when my pet rabbit Fudge died. Not that Fudge had died of course, but because Jake sat with me all day and kept me company while I was upset. He even dug a grave for Fudge and helped me bury him. Not many eight year old boys would do that.

Three Chicks:  Tru, when you first started seeing each other again was it hard to trust him, given his past reputation?

Tru:  I’ll admit it wasn’t easy knowing how Jake had lived his life in the past. But we have both made mistakes, and I guess there were some trust issues on both sides. We’re all good now, though.

Three Chicks:  Tru, when you first saw Jake, in some way did you hope deep down that you two would get together again, even though you were with and loved Will?

Tru:  Not consciously, but maybe on a sub-conscious level I did.

Three Chicks:  Jake, were you ever able to figure out how Kaitlyn ended up in your bed that night?

Jake:  Nope. But then it wasn’t hard to get in the bedroom. The door didn’t have a lock on it, and the party was still well under way when I passed out in bed. So I figure she just let herself in.  And no more questions about the past or you’ll be getting a ‘no comment’ from me!

Three Chicks:  Tru, what is the most romantic thing Jake has ever done for you?

Tru:  I’d have to say the night in Paris. The locket and the Eiffel Tower. Everything about that night was beyond perfect, and seriously romantic.

Three Chicks:  Jake, if you could go back to when you moved and could do one thing  over again, what would it be?

Jake:  Kiss Tru before I left.

Three Chicks:  Tru, how often does Jake spoil you with yummy special ordered desserts?

Tru:  Not too often, I had to put a stop to it. I’ve got a wedding dress to fit into and those desserts are seriously fattening!

Three Chicks:  Jake, have you quit smoking yet? Any desire to?

Jake:  Nope. And nope. I need one vice, right.

Three Chicks:  Tru, how does it feel to be "The Worlds Best Snake Charmer?" (the entire room erupts into laughter while Tru blushes)

Tru:  Well, I’d say it feels pretty good – and no innuendos please!! 

Three Chicks:  This question is for both of you.  What song would you use right now to describe your life?

Jake: On Top of the World, by Imagine Dragons.

Tru: Ooh, yeah that’s a good choice, baby! That’s my answer too.

"Three Chicks would like to thank you again for coming." (Everyone stands and gives each other a hug goodbye. (Lisa is jumping out of her seat and runs over to Jake to hug him goodbye... lingering  a little too long) Tru clears her throat. Kristie and Jen laugh...

Our 5 star review

This book hit all the right buttons for me. Young love rediscovered, bad boy rockers, soul mates reunited. Tru is sent to interview Jake about his group, The Mighty Storm's latest album. They have recently lost one of the members who died in a car accident. Tru is aware that Jake was her childhood friend, but is still hurting from the way he cut her off when he moved from England to the States. She has been in a relationship with Will for the last 2 years. When she goes to his hotel room, Jake instantly remembers her. That meeting sets off Jake's plan to win Tru back.

This book made me laugh out loud and then a few chapters later, catch my breath and hold back my tears. These characters feel so much for each other and yet stumble like all humans do. Jake has demons and substance abuse problems from his past and must resolve these in order to be able to offer Tru an honest relationship. Tru has to decide who she wants to be with and how to deal with the hurt that will cause. This book is a must read for everyone-especially those who love a bad boy rocker and the girl next door!

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