Friday, March 1, 2013

Review: Truth by Aleatha Romig

Our 5 star review by Guest Reviewer Lesley Carter Davison 

“Say you are mine and nobody else’s”

After reading Consequences, I convinced myself that I was not a fan of Anthony “Tony” Rawlings then I began to read TRUTH…as the story goes on I find myself conflicted wanting desperately to hate Tony and yet I am loving him too. Is he still the enemy? I am beginning to realize he may not be and an unlikely villain is starting to show their hand.

Anthony Rawlings plan has worked and Claire is behind bars. While in prison Claire receives a gift that starts to put pieces of a puzzle together. While in prison Claire keeps herself busy by researching Tony and his family. Little does Claire know her guardian angels are working on the outside to win her release – suddenly a dying Governor grants a pardon and Claire is free!

Claire begins to put her life back together but knows that Tony is never far away. Her every move is watched. She attempts a new relationship but Tony won’t allow that to happen and soon he has her visiting the home she once thought of as a prison. However, this time Claire appears to have the upper hand. Tony finds that his plans for Claire have changed and he wants nothing more than to love and protect her, but is this realization a little too late? Claire can no longer fight her feelings for Tony but wonders how her friends and family will understand. What people think soon doesn’t matter to Claire- she has a special secret and will do everything in her power to protect this secret – including running away!!

While the story of Claire and Tony plays out there are others that are in the background that may or may not be a threat to them: Catherine Marie London…who is she? Is she Tony’s devoted housekeeper and loving friend to Claire or does she have wishes to carry out for her one true love from the past? Who are Derek and Sophia Burke? Why do Tony and Catherine have a special interest in both of them? As you keep reading the TRUTH begins to come out….

As I neared the end of this book I was on the edge of my seat – Tony’s plane has gone down, Claire is in a tropical paradise with her husband, Sophia receives a call from her birth mother and why does Catherine want a new challenge….who’s past actions and need for revenge will cause them to be CONVICTED???

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  1. I attempted to Consequences several times over a period of days. I just couldn't get into it. Then, I reached that "magical" threshold and couldn't put it down. Truth was even better and I absolutely love them.

  2. Loved, loved, loved these books....I'm dying to see what happens! I CANNOT wait for Convicted!

  3. Whenever I feel my defenses are down and that I may forgive Tony after reading "Truth", I make myself reread the "accident" scene in "Consequences" and recall how ruthless and cruel he was to Claire. I've had to re-read that scene at least 4 times, I cannot allow myself to like Tony.


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