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Our 4 Star Review of Shattered Promises by Jessica Sorensen

Review of Shattered Promises by Jessica Sorensen

4 Stars

Gemma Lucas is a 21 year old college student. She has never been normal and has absolutely no memory of her past. How can you really be normal when you are numb to any feelings and have eyes the color of violet? She was raised by her grandparents due to her parents being killed when she was really young. Her relationship with her grandparents is... well, let’s just say they treat their newspaper better than they treat her. Gemma grew up disconnected to everything and everyone.  She is numb, she has never cried nor felt pain, no love, no happiness, no sadness and no fear- Nothing, Nada, Zilch! One day school, while walking to her car something happens that brings her to her knees. She is inundated with emotions she has NEVER felt before. She feels as if she is drowning and that is when reality hits her and it freaks her out because she realized she is crying for the first time ever.

 Within the next couple of months her emotions slowly start to surface and she starts to feels things she has never felt before, feelings she didn’t know existed. As great as these feelings are for her, they leave her very much confused.  Did I mention that she starts having weird dreams about guys she has never met but yet she feels that she has always known and oh yeah,  then she starts experiencing  visions that are mind-blowingly real? 

*Enter hot guy here* Meet Alex, tousled dark brown hair, green eyes and a well- defined muscular body. Cocky, a bit arrogant and very secretive. He is HOT and Gemma is stunned when she sees that this is the guy from her dreams and he is standing right in front of her. His reaction to her is not what she expects. He is hot and cold with her, one minute he is flirting with her and the next minute he is treating her like he can’t stand to be around her.  Alex and his sister Aislin are in Gemma’s astronomy class and all three have been assigned to work together on a group project. 

 Alex decides to bring Gemma to a party so that he can pick something up, plus he is meeting his sister there. Gemma is nervous and starts seeing things that she has only read about in books, things she knows don’t exist. Getting her away from the crowd, they end up in a bedroom and this is when things heat up. *Raising eyebrows* the chemistry between Gemma and Alex is literally glass shattering in a fantastic way! After this, Gemma’s life changes in drastic ways. She is almost killed by things that shouldn’t exist and Alex is there to save her. When he fights these unknown things, he isn’t fazed by it. It is like he does it for a living, doesn’t even bat his eye, he acts like he is used to it.
Gemma is now on the run, her life is in danger and she has no clue why. Alex and Aislin are doing what they can to protect her. When Gemma finds out the truth, that someone took her emotions and feelings away she is devastated and when she learns even more about her past, the world as she knows it comes crashing down. Gemma has no choice but to trust Alex, a person she isn’t sure she can trust. He hasn’t been very forthcoming with information and it seems all he has done is kept secrets from her and at the same time, she loves him.

An enemy they never knew existed surfaces and Gemma’s life and emotions are threatened yet again, Alex is placed in a position when he has to choose between what is expected of him and the woman he loves.

Ms. Sorenson did a wonderful job creating these characters. Some of the scenes where SMOKING HOT! OMG, LOVED IT! I couldn’t put this book down. I read the original Fallen Star series and enjoyed it; it didn’t ruin anything for this story. Quite a few aspects of the story have changed. The re-imagining of this story it is just FANTASTIC. The characters are sexier, stronger, and smarter.  This story has a bit of everything; suspense, romance, betrayal and friendship. 

I couldn’t put this book down and was so frustrated when it ended. Did I mention that it leaves you hanging and wanting more?  I am so very much looking forward to book 2!

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