Monday, February 11, 2013

Our review of The Submission of Alistair Ingram by Kelli Maine

The Submission of Alistar Ingram by Kelli Maine
4 Stars

Betty couldn’t wait to get him along and wipe that shit-eating-grin off his face. This one man who needed to be taught a lesson.

Black Betty has worked for Dolls & Doms for the past 10 years. It is a private men’s club in Las Vegas and she is the clubs best dominatrix. She is in control and she is known as a real man eater. She has dealt with every type of man imaginable or so she thought. What she wasn’t prepared for was Hollywood’s leading man, Alistar Ingram. He came crashing into her life and something about him made her break the rules and then her life is placed in jeopardy and turned upside down.  The walls she has spent years building slowly start crumbling down all because of Alistar.

“I’m not telling you my name. I’m not delving into my past with you, and I’m not going to serve as some pathetic charity case that you can help get your ego off on.”

Alistair was enjoying his bachelor party at the club Doll & Doms. When he first meets Black Betty he thinks it is a big joke, an over paid lap dance. What he didn’t expect was the instant attraction he had for her. When she pulls him into a private room he refuses to submit to her and then he turns the tables on her and he sees the fear in her eyes and the scars on her back. When she abruptly dismisses him, he is devastated that he accidently caused her fear. When he leaves the club with a torn shirt and red welts, the situation becomes a PR nightmare.

“I need you to help me cover this up.” “You’re training me for a role.”

After keeping her life quiet and safe Black Betty is thrown into the lime light and the dangers of her past come back to torment her .To do some damage control, Alistar makes Black Betty an offer she can’t refuse.  Not only does he want to protect her but he also wants to explore more of his dark side while she wants to escape hers. Their attraction for each other is off the charts. Can two people who need to be in control have a future together?

“Where do we go from here?”... “Nowhere. Everywhere. We could stay right here forever as far as I’m concerned.”

Kelli Maine created such loveable and sexy characters. She writes such fantastic steamy sex scenes.

I can’t wait to read more of this series... My only complaint is that it ended, a job well done by Ms. Maine

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