Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review: Escorted by Claire Kent

4 star review by Guest Reviewer Jennifer Hagen

Lori Addison is a romance writer who writes steamy love scenes although she herself is a virgin.  Ander Lourdes is a 33 y/o male gigolo.  Lori hires Ander to take her virginity, to give her experience and to boost her self confidence in the bedroom.  What ensues is a 6-month arrangement of paid-for-sex.

Ander is a man of very few words and keeps a stoic expression at all times.  He is very hard to read and is hard to communicate with keeping so much of his history to himself.  Lori is aware that there is a deep conflict with Ander and his father, to the point of it driving Ander to his vocation.   Throughout their sessions I was able to see that his walls were starting to come down and he was wanting to be involved with Lori beyond their bedroom appointments.  Of course he would never unveil his feelings to her, but rather hide behind his professionalism and his impassable facial expressions.

Lori is a romantic at heart, I guess that’s why she’s a romance writer.  She wants to dig deep into Ander’s soul, but he keeps her at bay.  She wants to comfort him when Ander unexpectedly meets his father.  This is when the line between their professional agreement is crossed and she feels it’s best for her to cancel the agreement. 

The author did a wonderful job writing emotions for Ander.  It’s unusual to find a book where the male’s emotions are so prevalent unless it was written from their POV.   I read this book as a recommendation from a friend and it was an unexpected find in terms of a romance story that isn’t the usual tale.  I felt the hidden emotions that were running through Ander and I felt Lori’s inability to move on from her past.   And of course there are lots of steamy scenes!

I will leave you with words from Ander:  “love you, love you, love you, love you, love you.”  You’ll need to read the book to find out when he says it and when the first time Lori hears it.  It will make all of us ladies swoon.  He too is a romantic. 

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