Monday, March 25, 2013

Review: Great Exploitations by Nicole Williams

Our 4.5 star review

"My body wasn't my own to do whatever I wanted with it. It was on lease to the Eves until the day I retired or, lord forbid, the day I was disavowed."

Nicole Williams’ Great Exploitations is a clever series of novellas, the first of which is Mischief in Miami. The main character is an Eve, a member of an elite group of beautiful women, hired by unhappy wives, (usually on the losing end of pre-nups) who pay to have their husbands seduced. Photos are taken, the deed is indeed caught on film and unhappy wives become happy divorcees. This covert agency is owned by the elusive “G” who molds and morphs ordinarily pretty girls into stunningly attractive woman. They receive intimate
details about the subject to be seduced; their sexual habits, bank accounts, and preferences in woman. The Eves then meet the spouses, exchange untraceable phones, and give detailed instructions. Once the Eves transform themselves into the type the cheating louses prefer, they set the bait and snare the prey.

Men are tagged by their net worth and the number of zeros in their bank account. Sevens are a dime a dozen, eights are worth a little more, nines are quite nice and desired and tens, well tens come across once in a lifetime. Each Eve gets a split of the fee, a seven is a 50/50 split for 500K, an eight is a split for a million dollars. A nine is fantastic, but a ten can set up an Eve for life. Mischief in Miami follows our girl from start to finish; hook, line and condom. She has ceased to have any real emotion about her work; she performs a service to women who are neglected, betrayed and miserable. Almost a public service if you will. Of course it is a successful mission and we learn a little about this Eves next client to be landed, (she overheard this unhappy little hottie ranting to a friend and referred the secretive agency to the wife herself). So when G informs her that her referral has made contact and this next one is hers, imagine how elated she is to find out he is an
elusive, once in a lifetime ten. Or is she??

"From the sound of it, Mr. Ten had committed no greater offense than making a shitload of money and marrying the wrong woman."


Add in a ironic little twist to the next assignment. This series is one of those naughty little reading pleasures; delicious and delightful. I cannot wait for Williams to release the next sequel!

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