Monday, April 29, 2013

Review and Giveaway: At Last by Ella Stone

Our 4 star review

Susan is getting ready to marry the man she loves.  She is sitting in the bridal room getting ready for the big day when she is handed a napkin from one of the groomsmen.  Yes, her fiance just dumped her on a napkin.  Susan doesn't remember much after that and finds herself waking up in a hotel room in paradise with her best friend Kevin.  How did that happen?

Kevin Jacobs and Susan have been friends since college, best friends actually.  But what Susan never figured out is the Kevin has been in love with her since they first met.  They haven't seen each other in about 5 years but they still talk and have remained closeKevin would do anything for Susan, so when he sees her in a coma like state after being dumped by her fiance, he knows that he needs to take her somewhere so she doesn't have to deal with her family and friends.  So Kevin takes her to Cancun, for a vacation that has already been paid for, courtesy of the ex-fiance. 

When Susan finally wakes up in paradise, she wonders how she got there.  She is trying hard to forget what happened and try to move on.  But moving on isn't always easy, and she is very thankful to have one of her best friends there with her.  While talking to her other BFF Liz on the phone, Liz tells here the best way to get over her ex is to find a hot guy and have rebound sex with him.  Susan is a little hesitant at first, but then she sees Kevin come out of the shower with no shirt and and realizes that she just found her hot guy to help her forget it all.  Except using your best friend for sex wasn't exactly what Liz meant

It's been five years since Susan and Kevin have seen each other and let's just say that those years have been very good to Kevin.  He is still the somewhat geeky guy that Susan loves but now he is a lot hotter than she remembered and she wants him.  Being with Susan is like a dream come true for Kevin but what will happen when reality sets in and they leave Cancun.  Can he be with her this one time and still remain friends afterwards?  Well, not exactly...a day of passion with the woman he loves, and he realizes that he cannot do the friendship thing with her any more and has to get away.  As soon as Liz shows up he is out of there.

Fast forward 6 months later.  Susan hasn't heard from her best friend since that night they shared together.  Her life is miserable and the only thing she has right now is her job as an architect.  She is concentrating on getting the contract to design the new opera house and feels pretty good after her presentation.  Until she leaves the conference room and runs into Kevin, on the arm of her arch nemesis, who also happens to be vying for the same account.  Will Susan finally admit to herself that Kevin is the one she is in love with and belongs with?  But the bigger question is, does Kevin still love Susan or has he moved on?

I loved the relationship between Susan and Kevin.  The banter between the two of them was witty, funny and sexy in a friendly kind of way.  The passion between the two of them in Cancun was smoking hot!  I loved Kevin and you can see how much he loves Susan and how much it hurts being with her.  He may be a little geeky in his own way but he is definitely sexy.  Susan's friend Liz was a funny and witty character.  She wasn't exactly Kevin's biggest fan and made that known  The banter between the her and Kevin was just comical.   This book was a quick, sexy and fun read with the right amount of drama and angst and an ending that will make you smile.  AT Last is definitely a must read. 


  1. Sounds like such a fun read!!!

  2. Great review! Putting ths on my TBR!

  3. this sounds good! thanks for the review! love the cover!
    will be put on my reading list!

  4. love the sound of this book....put it on my TBR list!

  5. Definitely got it on my wishlist now... awesome review!!


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