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Review and giveaway: Blindfolded Innocence by Alessandra Torre

Our 4 star review by Guest Reviewer Dawn Mazzeo

I have read books that have dealt with non-traditional sexual couplings, but this is the first book I have read about the rules and motives of those who actively participate in the swinging lifestyle.

Wow! To say this book left me dangling off a cliff barely holding on by my slipping fingertips would be a colossal understatement! I am referring to the book Blindfolded Innocence by Alessandra Torre.

Blindfolded Innocence is the story of Brad De Lucca, the devastatingly hot, sexy, successful divorce attorney. Brad has a 10 month waiting list (which consists of all women, who enjoy the sexual "perks" Brad bestows on them after securing them multi-million dollar settlements). Brad is a partner at the law firm where fresh faced, innocent Julia Campbell has just started her internship. Julia has just turned 21 and has been assigned to work with Mr. Broward, a very straight laced partner who despises Brad (for reasons we find out later).

Mr. Broward and Julia's co-workers warn her that Brad is "incorrigible...he stopped getting female interns three years ago because he couldn't keep his hands off of them." Julia's lust for Brad is fueled by their warnings of his "badness," and she cannot seem to stop thinking about him, "the man was walking, breathing sex," and forbidden, no less!

Julia may be inexperienced sexually, but she is by no means a vulnerable, shrinking wallflower. On the contrary, Julia is sexy, feisty, strong willed, fun, and confident in her sense of self. She is used to toying with college boys: "I am a cock tease. I know it, I own it, and I am not the least bit ashamed of it." She teases these college boys, doesn't put out, and then kicks them to the curb. She just does not feel the "spark" until alpha male Brad De Lucca struts into her life.

Brad is used to getting whatever and whomever he wants, though Julia is not so sure he is what is "good" for her, so she rejects him. One of my favorite exchanges in the book is when Brad asks her out to lunch:

"Would you like to go to lunch?" He turned on some powerful, magical force and radiated with intense sexual heat.
"Umm, no."
"No? His grin increased and he looked almost incredulous. He glanced around as if wanting someone around to witness this.
"No." My voice grew in strength and confidence. (Cocky prick).
"For one thing, you're a little old."

It is just so fun to watch this 21 year old girl nail this egotistical S.O.B to the wall! This, of course, leaves Brad panting with desire for her, the challenge she presents; the ultimate turn on for a playboy like him. If you are a reader who cannot get into romantic interludes between older men and younger (albeit adult) women, this book is probably not for you. The age difference between Brad and Julia did not bother me in the least. I was able to see them as individuals. Brad needed someone he was attracted to sexually who would keep his ego in check, and Julia needed a sexual partner who could please her and respect her. The question becomes what will it take to get Brad to become "husband material," and what will it take to get Julia to consider, and ultimately embrace, an "alternative lifestyle" with Brad.

Warning: this book contains girl on girl action as well as 2 men with one women. The sex is always 100% consensual and very, very erotic. I think the most erotic sex scene I have ever read to date is in this book! (and, yes, I have read Backstage Pass)

I instantly related to Julia and her two best girlfriends, Becca and Olivia. Becca is more eccentric and she is the one Julia confides in concerning Brad. Becca's response is "Welcome to my slutdom!" Julia is instantly likable, a perfect combination of strength and vulnerability.

Brad, while hot and generous, came off as secretive, egotistical and emotionally unavailable for a good portion of the book. For this reason, despite his panty melting good looks, he was not an instant Book Boyfriend of mine. As the book progressed, cracks in Brad's armor started to emerge, his playboy facade slipping away. His true needs and wants beyond sexual gratification came to the forefront revealing a vulnerable man desperate to find his sexual and life soul mate. It was then, I started to warm up to him. The truth is, if it is just about the sex for him then who cares?

What was interesting about this book was the shifting of the power dynamics between Brad and Julia. Though Brad was much older, he was not always the one who held the power and that was fun to read. Julia made him squirm. This book mildly reminded me of This Man because there was an Adonis like, sexy, experienced, older alpha male trampling all over the place. The difference was he was much less controlling than Jesse in This Man, and where Ava was weak, Julia was strong. That made for interesting reading.

Another thing I liked about this book was its examination of what society tells us is "correct" sexual behavior. Brad says to Julia, "society says we should all be monogamous and have missionary sex three times a week." Brad offers Julia the fulfillment of any and every sexual fantasy she might have. She must ponder this offer and make a decision.

She makes a life altering decision in reference to her sexual and emotional relationship with Brad and what levels she is willing to explore with him. We are taken through her very intimate and erotic journey and are jolted in and out of the story by the sudden insertion of the "Rules."

"Rule #1: She is kept blindfolded for the first meeting. If the blindfold is to be taken off, it must be done by her and her alone."
"Rule #2: She is mine and not yours. Remember that."

For your reading pleasure, I will not disclose all the rules. If you are intrigued, you will go out and buy the book! As I was reading this book, I kept waiting for the big event to occur. The story line developed at a leisurely pace, I suspect to stretch it out for installment #2, Masked Innocence, coming out in July. As I was reading I was thinking 3.75 stars, then the last 1/4 of the book gained tremendous momentum and my heart was literally pounding out of my chest. Heart palpitations while reading are not something that happen to me often. When I read the last sentence, I thought 4 stars! I will definitely read book 2 because there are so many unresolved subplots, and I want to crawl back up this darn cliff and see what naughty, fun, scary, shocking things Alessandra Torre has in store for me.

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  1. Thanks for a chance to win, & the book sounds great!

  2. Hey, you totally sold me the book in your review. I'm sure I'm gonna love the story, however I'll wait #2 to be released before reading it. I don't like the idea of waiting 3 months to know the rest of the story. Sylvia Day's waiting has been the last time for me.
    Blindfolded Innocence is going to my TBR shelf right now!

  3. Sounds Awesome!

    Your review hooked me on this Book, can't wait to read it


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