Monday, April 22, 2013

Review and Giveaway: The Road to Price by Justine Elvira

4 star review by Guest Reviewer Lesley Davison

“You brought me back to life”

The Road to Price finds Mia Dechino robbed of her innocence at 15, a mother at 16, and running from tragedy at 23. I was hooked from the beginning and needed to know where Mia’s life was headed and with whom!
“I loved everything about you…”

Small town gal Mia Dechino had her life changed one night in a dark field. Determined to forget that ugly event, Mia soon learns she will have a constant reminder – her son Miles. All too soon Mia’s life will be turned upside down again and she runs away from small town life into the big city of Miami hoping to lose herself. Mia settles there and works several jobs for a temp agency when she finds herself offered what seems to be the perfect job – a live in housekeeper for Sebastian Price.

Sebastian Price, handsome, wealthy, super sexy and loves woman; especially his staff. Sebastian is a businessman and likes things run orderly. Why do only beautiful woman work for him? His world is about to be rocked when Mia walks into his office for the housekeeping interview. He doesn’t care what her background check says he has to hire this woman. Could Mia be the girl that tames Sebastian Price? Oh wait; what about his wife?

Mia is hired and soon lets Sebastian know that they can never be more than friends. After a while the strong feelings between these two can no longer be denied and love starts to win out! Mia still struggles with her past, Sebastian has his wife and a new issue created by their love will have Mia running again. Can love survive and win?

Justine does a beautiful job of mixing the past with the present so you appreciate all the aspects of Mia’s life. However, as I am reading and cheering for Mia and Sebastian needing to know that they have a happy ending I get to the last page only to find there will be a sequel….NO I SCREAM!! What will become of Mia and Sebastian? Can they find each other on THE ROAD TO FORGIVENESS? Oh I can’t wait to find out….

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