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Review and giveaway: An Unplanned Lesson by Beth Rinyu

Our 4 star review

An Unplanned Lesson is the first book that I have read by Beth Rinyu and I loved it.  It is the story of Nicole Morgan and Dailen O'Malley, two people who don't do relationships, finding love when least expected.

For the past 7 years Nicole has been carrying around a secret that has ruined any relationship she had with her parents.  Her father can hardly look at her and her mother only cares about her wonderful sister who is married with two kids.  Her sister only cares about herself and her kids.  It's sad the way her family doesn't seem to care about what is going on in her life, only remembering what she did that caused them to be so disappointed in her.  The only person that she can count on his her brother Justin, a Marine, who is thousands of miles away and the only form of communication is through email and occasional phone calls.  She misses her brother and wishes that he was there in her life more.

Nicole just got a new job as a 2nd grade teacher, where she meets a young boy named Ryan O'Maley in her class.  Ryan lost his parents several months ago in an accident and is now living with his uncle.  Ryan needs some help and some guidance, which is completely understandable given what he has gone through.  Nicole sends an email to his uncle to try to set up an appointment to discuss Ryan's behavior.  But what she doesn't expect is the arrogant response that she gets from Mr. Dailan O'Maley.

After the day she had, Nicole decides she needs to go out and spend some time with her friends and maybe having a drink or two would help.  While at the bar she meets a very hot and sexy Irishman who she is very attracted to.  She gets a little tipsy and does a little bit of flirting with him, until she finds out his identity.  Of course the hot and sexy Irishman that she has been flirting with, is Dailan O'Maley, her student's uncle.  She cannot get out of there fast enough.

Over the course of the next few weeks Dailan and Nicole cannot fight the attraction between the two of them.  But what they have is nothing more than a physical attraction and sex, at least that is what they tell themselves.   Neither one of them do relationships and they both have walls up that are hard for anyone to break down.  Dailan is very sexy, sarcastic, arrogant and a little rough around the edges, but you cannot help falling in love with him.  He isn't an emotional guy by any means, and can't even commit to when he will see her next.  But being that Nicole isn't looking to give her heart away she just goes with it, excited to see him any chance she can get.  But what happens when the walls that they have both built begin to come down slowly and they start falling for each other?  

At some point Nicole starts to become more and more frustrated with Dailan being away for work and never knowing exactly when she will see him again.  One night, while he is away on business, Nicole needs him and can't seem to get in touch with him. She starts to rethink their relationship.  Nicole, starts to feel the pressure that comes with dating a student's guardian, and the fact that not only is she falling for this man but she has a special place in her heart for Ryan as well.   If their relationship doesn't work out, it will affect more people then just Dailan and Nicole. When he finally returns from his business trip, Nicole starts making accusations that Dailan does not take lightly and suddenly Nicole watches her relationship with him start to crumble. Will Nicole get the happy ending she deserves with the man she truly loves?

I loved the relationship between Nicole and Dailan.  I loved watching the two of them open up to each other and share their secrets.  They have a connection that neither one of them ever expected.  The flirty text messages and emails between them will make you smile.    Dailan is a sexy no holds barred type of guy.  But he also has his sweet moments with Nicole as well. There was definitely some drama and angst with a few twists and turns that I did not see coming.  Nicole has a secret that she is hiding for most of the book.  And while you want to know what the secret is for most of the way, the author does a good job of keeping it under wraps until the end.  And at the moment when the secret is finally revealed it is a bitter sweet moment that will make you smile.  The epilogue was simply wonderful and wrapped up Dailan and Nicole's story in such a heart warming way that made me smile. This book was funny, and sweet but also had a few sad moments as well.  It also dealt with a few deeper issues and with just enough drama and angst to keep you wanting more.  Definitely a must read.   A job well done by Beth Rinyu. 

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