Friday, May 3, 2013

Giveaway and Review: No Second Chances by Beverley Hollowed Guest Reviewer Nicole Lorenzo


No nonsense mechanic, Ally Brody is a ‘one chance only’ kind of girl. When she catches her boyfriend, of two years, cheating with his assistant on a surprise visit to his office, there will be No Second Chances.

Determined not to fall for the wrong kind of man again, she comes face to face with Cole Thomas. He is gorgeous, charming, rich and everything Ally swore she should stay away from.

Cole wants Ally and he will stop at nothing until he gets what he desires. Bit by bit he breaks through her barriers and takes her on a journey of love and sexual awakenings. Will her obsessed ex, who refuses to accept it’s over, or a secret Cole himself is hiding, destroy their relationship before it even gets started?

Can Ally break her own rule and explore the possibility that Cole just might be the one worthy of a Second Chance?

4.5 Star Review

 When Ally Brody catches her boyfriend of two years cheating on her she swears she will guard her heart more carefully in the future. As a female mechanic, she’s used to people undermining her ability to fix a car just as well as any man can. So when she stops to help a rich, sexy, stranger who has broken down on the side of the road she’s not so surprised when he laughs at her. What she is surprised to find is the instant attraction she has to this man she’s never seen before. Knowing he’s the last thing she needs Ally decides to keep the walls around her heart firmly in place and stay far, far away from Cole Thomas.

 “. ………Ally’s stomach nearly hit the floor. There sitting at the end of the bar was none other than Cole bloody Thomas”

Cole Thomas definitely doesn’t expect the gorgeous mechanic who taps on his window to actually fix his car. He decides at that moment that he wants Ally Brody, but of course she is determined to put up a fight. Lots of persistence pays off and he soon finds Ally in his bed exactly where he wants her. But desire for her soon turns to love and now he is determined to prove that she loves him in return.

You are perfect. But you don’t see it. And somehow that makes you even
more beautiful to me. I am a lucky man”

 “Don’t you know how fu*king gorgeous you are Ally?” he whispered, his breath a mixture of mint and champagne”

Ally’s ex, Jason is not letting go and won’t take no for an answer with his constant calling and stalking. Cole promises to keep her safe but he has a secret he is keeping from Ally that could potentially forever damage their relationship before it even gets started. Ally is trying to protect herself from past hurts and future disappointments and she does not give second chances.

I read this book very quickly, and enjoyed it…. a lot! The chemistry between Cole and Ally is HOT and there are steamy scenes a plenty! I love Ally’s no nonsense attitude, and the fact that she is a mechanic, and not some na├»ve girl looking to be saved! She can’t hide her attraction to Cole, but that doesn’t make her weak, just human. Cole on the other hand is swoon worthy, and British and a sex god and sweet and he is hiding a secret!  I knew something was up and was trying to guess what it could be but I was definitely not expecting that twist, or the cliffhanger! I love that this book feels real to me, as in this situation can really be happening to someone right at this very moment. Now I have to wait and see what happens next and I am very excited to read the next installment! Hopefully we don’t have to wait too long!!

* An ARC copy was furnished in exchange for an honest review

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