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Giveaway: Finding Dandi by Sable Hunter (Bonus Excerpt from Burning Love)



Lucas thinks he has his life mapped out until fate throws a curvy little dancer in his lap. Soon he finds that it will take more than success or status to make him happy – it will take Dandi.


Dandi can’t change her past, but she can keep from hurting Lucas. Dandi loves Lucas so much that she is willing to walk away from him.


Not a day goes by that Lucas does not search for his Angel and when he finds her, he is willing to work to make her fall in love with him for the second time . . . and this time will be forever.

**Contains Explicit Content, Explicit Sexual Content and language 18+


Bonus Excerpt from Burning Love

Damn! “Nothing? That’s what the word nada means? And it wasn’t an accident, he told you that?” Beau wanted to hit something.

“Over and over again – everyday he told me how worthless I was. That’s why I ran away from home when I was thirteen.” That was how she ended up in Brownwood.

“Oh, sweetheart,” he leaned over and kissed her forehead before she could stop him. She didn’t move away, thank God. “I am so sorry. His loss is my gain. Now that I’ve found you again, I’m never letting you go. I’ll admit it – before, I was entranced with you.” His voice was husky and he ran a hand up and down her arm, as if he were trying to soothe away every cruel word that had been said to her. “I fell fuc*in’ head over heels for you when I only knew you as sexy Harley. And now I find out that you are the one precious thing in my life I thought I had lost. Do you understand what this means to me? Baby, I’m holding on to you with both hands. I may never let you out of my sight again.”

His words were like another language, one so foreign that she only recognized a few phrases. But the gentle look in his eyes made her feel safe. Every taunt her father had thrown at her was being made powerless. And before she could protest, he leaned in and captured her lips for a quick kiss and the world stopped turning on its axis. Heat. Peace. Hunger. Emotions that Harley thought she had no claim to, burst forth into her heart. His lips were coaxing and warm and she had to grab the material of his shirt to keep from clinging to his broad, broad shoulders.

“Mmmmmm,” he groaned into her mouth. He couldn’t help it; his hands wouldn’t stay where he put them to save his life. They found their way to her back, coaxing her up against him so there was no doubt in her mind that he was fully engaged – mind as well as body. “Cher, cher – my God, you are like the sweetest honey. I could get so addicted to you.” He had to have more. Hungrily, his lips slid down her neck, nuzzling her throat, scraping his teeth on her skin and sucking enough to leave a tiny mark. He couldn’t remember ever being so instantly voracious for a woman.

With a little whimper of surprise and surrender, Harley tentatively brought her arms around his neck. It was like coming home.

Hallelujah! Beau hugged her. “That’s my girl.” She was gorgeous – she was sexy as hell, a mixture of softness and strength that literally made him ache with longing. “You’re far from nothing. You are a treasure, a precious jewel. You are my all in all.” All the time he was talking, he was rubbing his lips and nose on the side of her face – inhaling her scent – marking her as sure as one the ghost cats of the swamp marked its territory. Black panthers were real. Even though their existence was denied by the authorities, Beau had seen them with his own eyes. When they wanted to claim something as their own, they rubbed their scent on it by passing their mouth across the object – leaving a brand of possession – the same way he was marking Harley.

Her body hungered while her mind whirled at the myriad of wondrous things she was feeling. So this was what she had been missing - this amazing need to belong to someone. But. . . but. . what if? God, what if she couldn’t? What if he couldn’t? She put her hands up between them – pushing back – making a space between them. “Stop, Beau.”

“Too fast?” She nodded her head, slightly. “I understand, baby. We’re not strangers – but, it has been years.” He had no intention of rushing her. She was just too precious.

“There’s so much you don’t know,” she whispered.

“You can tell me anything,” he nudged her face with his, his lips grazing her skin.

“I want to. Beau. . . . .” She was just about to - Lord, she didn’t know what she was about to say – when her beeper sounded and made her bounce in his embrace like a Mexican jumping bean. Immediately his arms tightened around her.

“I gotcha’ precious,” he kissed her neck. “Whoever is calling you, tell them you are otherwise occupied – with me.”

Harley looked down – Shit! “As much as I would like to stay – I have to take care of this – duty calls.” Casting aside her doubts, she laid her head on his shoulder and hugged him tight. “This has been wonderful. I can’t tell you what it means to find you again. Thank you, for everything.”

She started to get up, but he stopped her. “Hey, wait a minute. Are you sure you have to go?” He wasn’t ready for their evening to be over – not by a long shot. Would he ever tire of looking at her face? High cheekbones, a sweetly curved jaw, and a pair of lips capable of transporting him to paradise – each feature was pleasing to the eye, but combined - they were lethal to his self-control. “Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?”

“I’m not,” she protested, even as she placed her hands on his biceps – half-heartedly keeping him at a distance. “Thank you for saying so, though. I wish I didn’t have to go. It’s my job – there’s an emergency.”

He let her get up, reluctantly. “Okay, I’ll take you home.”

“Thank you, I appreciate it.” As she gathered her things, her mind was already racing ahead wondering where she would have to go and what she would have to face. “I’m sorry to rush off like this.”

“It’s okay, Honey.” She seemed worried. And that worried him. “Do you want to talk about it?”

They hurried down the gangplank and onto the dock. Harley was aware of her surroundings – the cypress knees, the Spanish moss – it was all so beautiful and she wished she could stay and not face whatever new horror some maniac had devised to blow people up. “It’s a long story and I will tell you about it, I promise.” He opened the door for her and hurried around, realizing she was anxious.

She was texting on her phone when he got behind the wheel, so he started up and gunned it – not wanting to disturb her focus. When she finished, he pressed again. “When will you be back?” Damn, he felt possessive – “I told you I didn’t want to let you out of my sight.”

A thrill shot through Harley. No one had ever worried about her before, and he had no idea where she was going or what her job entailed. “I’m never gone long. I’ll be back tomorrow; it will all be over by then.”

“Tomorrow – what time?” Beau got amused at himself.

“Just stop by the Hummer, I keep a change of clothes in there and I need to get on the road.” As he pulled next to her vehicle, she gave him one last long look before she got out. “I can’t say for sure what time I’ll be back, but I will call you.” Reaching for the door handle, she was brought up short by a strong, but gentle hand around her neck.

“Promise?” He held her gaze for a long, intense moment.

“I promise.” Without asking permission, he leaned over and kissed her once more – a chaste kiss full of longing.

“Give me your phone.” She handed it over and he put his number in, and gave it back. “I’ll be waiting.” With that, she got out, leaving him sitting there, watching her go. Harley knew everything had changed, because this time when she left – part of her heart stayed behind.

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  1. I love Sables book's. Hope I win.

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  4. I think sable hunter books are amazing

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  6. thank all of you, very much - I am honored that you stopped to comment, FINDING DANDI is a special book for me, it took me emotions on a rollercoaster ride

  7. I love Sables Books. I can't wait for anouther book :-)

  8. Love me some Sable Hunter ... good luck everyone ;)

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    Love Sable Hunter books.

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