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Blog Tour: Glass Hearts by Lisa De Jong

Sequel to Plastic Hearts...

Can a relationship survive on love alone? Is love truly enough?

Dane and Alex’s relationship has never been easy, but now they have a fresh start without the pressures of Alex’s family. Together they try to move forward while continuing to struggle with a past that they can’t seem to escape.

Sometimes no matter how hard we try to make things work, love isn’t enough.

Sometimes even after a broken heart is mended, cracks remain, and the same doubts and insecurities that once yanked us apart seep in.

Can true love hold Dane and Alex together or will their hearts completely shatter like glass

Our 4 Star Review for Glass Hearts (Hearts #2) Lisa De Jong

Life’s about moving forward and letting go. I’ve done things in my life that I’m not proud of, but no matter what I do, I can’t erase it. They are part of my history. They are part of what built me. I’ve lost so much, but I gained a lot too.

With Dane’s help Alex finally broke free from her plastic world. Their relationship hasn’t been easy but now that Alex is one her own and away from the pressures of her family, they have a fresh start.

Things seem to be going well or as well as can be expected. This time, Dane’s insecurities, his family problems and his past keep him from moving forward.

When Alex gets a job at Loft-10 with Dane things get a little tense, especially with their boss. Reid seems to know about Alex’s family.  When Reid pulls Alex into his office and Dane walks in, things take a turn for the worst.  Then Dane gets a phone call that will change his life forever.

“Why don’t you believe me? How many times do I need to tell you I love you before you believe that you’re all that matters to me?”
He flinches, but quickly recovers, pointing a finger at me. “Other people told me they loved me too, and that didn’t mean jack shit,” he seethes. My heart breaks for him. We’re both broken from our pasts.

Sometimes it is hard to move forward when you struggle with your past. Dane was there to help Alex but now it is Alex’s turn to help.  Even though both their hearts were broken and mended it is human nature for insecurities to seep through and doubt to creep in. Sometimes love isn’t enough to keep your heart from shattering.

In plastic hearts it was Dane who helped Alex break free from the only life she knew and now it is Dane who will need Alex. His past has come back with a vengeance and his family issues become bigger problems, add a pinch of doubt and jealously and you have a major roller coaster of emotions and a bumpy ride for their relationship.

Alex has grown so much since the first book and I was amazed at just how strong she really is. She definitely rose to the occasion and even though Dane did his best to push her away, she didn’t let it happen. 

Dane really struggles with his past and his present that he can’t see his future. It is only when he pushes Alex away that he is able to see things clearly. My heart broke for him over and over but no matter what, he kept his head above water.

Alex and Dane really grew as a couple in this book as well. I loved how they worked on their communication and called each other on their shit. 

This is a great love story about facing your demons, learning to let go, working together, trust and moving forward.

Lisa De Jong did a fantastic job with angst, romance, smoldering sex scenes and OMG heart dropping moment.  

A must read!!!

Our Interview with Dane
 We had a chance to catch up with the handsome and heart melting Dane. Check out what he had to say!
Three Chicks: When did you realize you loved Alex?  
Dane: This is hard for me to pin down.  I mean, the night I met her I thought she was so freaking beautiful but I never thought I’d see her again.  I first felt more than a physical attraction to her when she did that art piece on Jenna and honestly, I think I loved her the first time our lips touched.  But then, I’m just a guy so what do I really know.

Three Chicks: How is your relationship with your brother going since your mother’s passing?(We are so sorry to hear about that, please know our hearts go out to you and your brother) 
Dane: Thanks, We’ve had our ups and downs.  One minute I think he’s okay and the next he does something that sends him a few steps back.  He’s got this girl in his life right now and I think that’s motivating him to clean himself up.  I’ll always love him because he’s my brother but I want so much more for him.

Three Chicks: Why do you think it took you so long to vent? To let out all of your feelings that you have been bottling up?
Dane: For a good portion of my life, I’ve had no one to turn to.  I was the responsible one who took care of everyone so when something was bothering me, I would keep it in because who else was going to care.  It’s not easy to get over that habit but it was starting to eat me up inside.  I think Alex and I have that all worked out now so we don’t go back down that road.

Three Chicks: In what way/ways has Alex saved you? 
Dane:  I had gotten my life back on track when I met her but when I realized how incredible she was, I wanted to be a better person.  I don’t know if I would have stayed on track without her.  I don’t know if I would have submitted my work to the hotel.  Also, if I had to deal with Nolan addiction issues and my mom’s death without her by my side, I probably would have relapsed.  I want to make her happy so whenever I make a decision, I ask myself How will this affect Alex?

Three Chicks:You immediately regretted the harsh words the day you kicked Alex out, why didn’t you go after her or why didn’t you call her?
Dane: I had so many things going through my head.  When you’re a recovering addict, things like this can set you off so the first thing I wanted to do was talk to my counselor.  After that, it was late and I thought it would be good if we both took some time to cool off.

Three Chicks: How long had you been in contact with Alex’s dad before you set up their meeting?
Dane: He started calling me shortly after she moved in with me.  I think he regretted the way they treated Alex and he wanted to make sure she was okay.

Three Chicks: You got really upset with Alex after the whole Bree thing. We get it, she was going to run but you talked to her and made her hear you out, now turning the tables, when you walked in on Reid and saw what was happening, you didn’t even give her the chance to explain, to hear her out. Was this your version of running by pushing her away? 
Dane: To back up a little bit, I was feeling pretty beat down before that night.  Things weren’t going right with my mom and Nolan.  I was a ticking time bomb and when I saw Reid with his lips on her skin, I lost it.  Was I pushing her away?  Maybe.  I think deep down inside, I didn’t feel like anything would ever go right in my life and I would eventually lose her anyway.

Three Chicks: When you saw the two paintings Alex did of you, you realized exactly how much she really saw you. How did that make you feel? 
Dane: Man, that girl is everything to me, and while I knew she loved me, deep down inside I didn’t think I meant as much to her as she did to me.  Like when she left me after Gwen’s wedding…I never would have been able to do that.  When I looked at those paintings, I saw her heart all over it.  It feels amazing; she’s seen my skeletons and she still loves me.

Three Chicks: How are you doing in dealing with your mother’s passing? 
Dane: That’s been tough.  I wish I would have had more time with her before she died so we could work things out but I honestly don’t know if that ever would have happened.  I have some good memories of her so I push those to the front of my mind when I feel like I need to be close to her.

Three Chicks: How are you and Alex doing? 
Dane: We’re doing great. Alex is still in school but as soon as she’s done, we’re thinking about moving out to the country.  I don’t know if either of us is ready for the responsibilities of a farm but the peace will be worth it.

Three Chicks:Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Dane: I just want to be happy with my girl.  A successful art career would be nice too.  Oh, and maybe kids (All three chicks look at Dane with huge smirks on their faces. Kristie looks to Jen and whispers "He wants babies, I wish Alex were here to hear this.")  I want them someday but I’m not exactly sure when that will be. 

Three Chicks: If you could describe your life right now with a song, what would it be? 
Dane: 1,2,3,4 by Plain White T’s. ("Great song." Kristie says as all Three Chicks nod their head in agreement)

Three Chicks: If you had one do-over what would it be and why? 
Dane: I would have fought harder for Alex that morning I found the note in my apartment.  Something didn’t feel right and I should have pushed her more.  Lots of things happened after that we both regret and I think we could have avoided it all if we were never apart in the first place.

Three Chicks: How are things going for you and your sculpting?
Dane: It’s great.  I have a standing exhibit at one gallery and the hotel chain decided to display in every location in the U.S.  It won’t necessarily make me famous but it certainly helps pay the bills.
"Congratulations! That is fantastic." Jen says excitedly

Three Chicks: Using only ONE word, What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Alex? 
Dane: Beautiful ("Awe, he is so sweet!" Lisa says while blushing)

About the author

Lisa De Jong is a wife, mother and full-time number cruncher who lives in the Midwest. Her writing
journey involved insane amounts of coffee and many nights of very little sleep but she wouldn't change
a thing. She also enjoys reading, football and music.


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