Monday, July 29, 2013

Giveaway and Review: Picking up the Pieces by Jessica Prince

After having her heart broken by the only man she’s ever loved everything seemed to go downhill for Emerson Grace. It has taken eight years but Emmy is finally starting to pick up the pieces of her damaged life. But the man who destroyed it has returned bringing with him the pain of the past. Can she let go of the pain Luke caused and accept him back into her life or will the memories be too much for her to overcome? Running from Emmy was the only way Lucas Allen knew he could protect her from the demons he carried with him. After spending one perfect night together Luke takes off, certain that he can’t possibly give Emmy everything she deserves. Now he’s made the decision to return to Cloverleaf and make things right. But is he prepared to truly face all of the damaged he has caused? Will Luke and Emmy finally get their chance at love or will the secrets of the past stop them before they even get to begin?

4 Star Review by Lisa Kane

Luke and Emerson were best friends. Both have had scarred childhoods and they are each other’s refuge from the world. Emmy has been living with her grandmother ever since her parents were killed in a car accident. Luke was abused by his alcoholic father and his mother is a drunk. They are each other’s rock. That is until Luke decides to enlist in the marines and tells Emmy he is leaving. She was getting ready to move away for college and he thinks everyone in their close knit group of friends is moving on. Emmy deserves the best and Luke thinks that sure as hell isn’t him.  As the time for Luke’s departure draws closer, a night of dinner between two friends turns into a passionate night for them. Emmy confesses her feelings for him and Luke cherishes her as he takes her virginity.
The next day Emmy tries to reach Luke over and over but he doesn’t answer her texts or calls. She goes over to his place and sees that he is otherwise engaged. He has his “hands full” and the skank he is with -she has her mouth full. Emmy runs away, heartbroken. She tries to see him before he leaves, but is too late.

Eight years later, Luke moves back to their hometown as the new deputy sheriff. He never kept in touch with anyone, including Emmy. And she had a very good reason to try to track him down. He never opened an E-mail or answered a phone call. Emmy has grown up and taken over her grandmother’s diner. She has a great support team in her best friends Savannah, Lizzie, Stacia and Jeremy.  They are torn between their loyalty to Emmy and their returning friend. Luke wants to fix things with Emmy but she can’t allow him to hurt her again.

 Luke spends lots of time trying to make amends and to explain his screwed up thinking. He hasn’t been able to get Emmy off his mind and he has come back to win her heart. Good luck with that. There were times I wanted to go all deputy on Luke’s ass myself; who drops out of site and expects to waltz in and all is forgiven? Emmy spiraled out of control when things went from bad to worse when he left. My heart broke for her. I love stories about second chances, although I wish Luke had suffered half as much as Emmy did. I enjoyed this one.

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